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Vikas Agrawal is a start-up Investor and co-founder of the Infographic design agency, He is a highly influential research analyst and strategic marketing consultant.Vikas advises and plans the visual marketing campaigns of Medium to Large companies. Vikas has worked globally across multiple industries including retail, financial services, logistics, manufacturing, telecoms and pharmaceuticals deploying effective strategic marketing plans and methodologies. A renowned blogger on the subject of Technology, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

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For many businesses, the holiday season is a time of increased demand and heightened activity, necessitating the hiring of seasonal or temporary workers. While these short-term team members are invaluable in meeting customer needs, managing a sudden influx of new hires can be a daunting task. To ensure a smooth and successful operation, it's essential for employers to master the art of managing seasonal or temporary teams effectively. Here, Young Entrepreneur Council members offer practical tips and strategies for setting up these temporary workers, and the entire team, for success during the holiday rush. These tips will help employers navigate the challenges that come with seasonal staffing while maintaining service quality and customer satisfaction.

12 Ways Leaders Can Show Gratitude To Their Teams

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November, often associated with Thanksgiving, is a month that reminds us of the importance of giving back and expressing gratitude. For employers and managers, it's an opportune time to consider how they can give back to their employees and foster a culture of appreciation within their organizations. Below, Young Entrepreneur Council members explore meaningful ways employers can show their gratitude and give back to their teams, not only during the holiday season but throughout the year. These acts of giving, from recognition and professional development opportunities to wellness initiatives and flexible work arrangements, can have a profound and lasting positive effect on employee morale, engagement and overall workplace satisfaction.

11 Entrepreneurs Reflect On What They're Most Thankful For In Their Careers

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No entrepreneur’s journey is a smooth one, and business ownership is often a difficult path to take without the right mindset and the help of a community of supporters. Though it can be easy to forget these facts when caught up in the daily grind of running a business, there are certain times of year that call for reflection and gratitude. As business leaders, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council have a lot to be thankful for. With November and the joy of the season serving as the perfect reminder to reflect on just how far they’ve come, here, 11 members each discuss the main thing in their career thus far they are most thankful for and the lesson they’d share with other leaders looking for inspiration this holiday season.

Embracing Product-Led Growth: The Shift Toward User-Centric SaaS Solutions


Embracing a product-led growth strategy requires putting your product at the forefront and using it as a catalyst for success.

11 Ways To Increase Employee Retention (And Discourage Job Hopping)

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As job hopping becomes more and more common among professionals—Gen Z in particular—many business leaders are looking for ways to increase employee loyalty and retention. While some employees look for higher pay and better benefits, others are just looking for somewhere they feel like they’re making a difference and where their hard work is appreciated and noticed. That being said, there are a number of ways employers can entice their team members to stay, improving not only their individual work lives but the company’s overall culture as well. Here, 11 members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss the advice they would give leaders looking to build loyalty and reduce turnover in their business.

The Eight Smartest Questions You Can Ask A Potential Customer

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Converting a potential customer takes more than just rattling off the facts about your product or service. It often requires a personalized approach based on a genuine understanding of the customer's needs. To gain this understanding, you'll need to ask the right questions during the sales process. Below, the business leaders of Young Entrepreneur Council share the eight most insightful questions you can ask a potential customer as well as how they will help you land that coveted sale.

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Infobrandz is an Infographic Design Agency focusing on mainly visually engaging content creation for its clients aiming to do effective content marketing. We create excellent content not just because every one else is doing, We do it so our client's audiences can get value out of our content.



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