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Nationally Recognized Business Owner/Entrepreneur with experience directing successful Sales, Warehouse Operations, Marketing, Distribution and E-Commerce efforts with a focus on trailer parts. My diverse skill set is aided by unmatched energy to create authentic, strong partnerships with suppliers, vendors, and clients. Currently, I manage 6 businesses that have achieved a combined revenue of $6M annually. Each business uniquely supplements one another. As a result, I was awarded "Inc. 5000" 1,972 fastest growing companies in U.S., one of the youngest recipients.


March 17th, 2023

Want To Brand Yourself As 'Top Talent'? Nine Steps You Should Take Now

Finding a job is always a matter of competition. While you may be highly qualified for a role, there could be a myriad of other applicants equally or even more qualified than you are, all hoping to be selected for the position. However, when employers can see that you’re experienced, thoughtful and motivated to learn and grow—“top talent,” so to speak—they’ll be eager to bring you on board.

March 16th, 2023

How To Know If You Should Pivot Or Commit To Your Plan As An Entrepreneur

One of the most important decisions an entrepreneur will ever make is whether to pivot or stick to the plan they're using. Let’s walk through how to make this decision together. 

February 24th, 2023

In A Rut? Eight Actions That Will Help Improve Your Creative Thinking Skills

Due to the monotony of everyday life and the frequent stress that comes with living in the modern world, many people often have trouble getting into a creative headspace or just thinking creatively in general. This comes as bad news for those in the business realm, as the ability to think creatively is essential to the problem solving and innovating necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur.

February 3rd, 2023

Eight Steps An Entrepreneur Can Take To Start Repairing Their Personal Brand

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, and entrepreneurs are no exception. With so many  pressures and responsibilities that affect not only themselves, but also their employees and customers, it’s almost inevitable that an entrepreneur will occasionally make a bad decision. However, sometimes big mistakes can lead to big consequences that can tarnish the entrepreneur’s reputation.


TK Trailer Parts

•Selected to the 2018 “Inc. 5000” list as the 1972nd fastest growing private company in U.S •Achieved a $5M revenue run rate and 300% growth in one year •Allocate $350K+ in annual marketing budget to eBay, Amazon, Google, Social Media, etc. •Schedule deliveries, create distribution matrix, accounting, payment & follow-up processes •Created website with SEO strategies to influence keyword rankings via high-quality digital marketing videos & product descriptions •Direct operations supporting other companies, i.e. Freight/Marketing critical to TK Trailer Parts •Negotiate pricing & coordinate shipping & distribution from 30+ locations & 10+ vendors •Plan & coordinate attendance at regional and national trade shows as a reputable vendor •Secure commercial real estate transactions for business expansion •Hire, onboard, train, terminate and manage a team of 15+ employees •Direct expansion via start ups & acquisitions in e-commerce, marketing, & manufacturing