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Nationally Recognized Business Owner/Entrepreneur with experience directing successful Sales, Warehouse Operations, Marketing, Distribution and E-Commerce efforts with a focus on trailer parts. My diverse skill set is aided by unmatched energy to create authentic, strong partnerships with suppliers, vendors, and clients. Currently, I manage 6 businesses that have achieved a combined revenue of $6M annually. Each business uniquely supplements one another. As a result, I was awarded "Inc. 5000" 1,972 fastest growing companies in U.S., one of the youngest recipients.

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13 Must-Read Business Books for Entrepreneurs

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Knowledge is the key to success. This is especially true for entrepreneurs, as the wisdom shared in books can prove to be invaluable for both the budding startup founder and the seasoned business owner. From time-tested strategies for growth to profound insights on leadership and innovation, these literary gems have the power to shape the way entrepreneurs approach challenges and opportunities. Whether you're seeking inspiration, seeking to hone your leadership skills or simply looking to expand your entrepreneurial mindset, books are a must-have resource to empower and guide you on your entrepreneurial journey. To recommend a few of their favorites, Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) business leaders answer the following question:

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"Build your network" is common advice given to professionals looking to find new jobs, make major business moves and succeed in their careers. But when the busyness of life and work sets in, it can sometimes be difficult to build and then nurture those relationships so they maintain their strength over time. Without these relationships, you may miss out on potential opportunities or connections that could play an important role in your future success. To help you find the balance needed to manage both your network and your personal life, 10 members of Young Entrepreneur Council offer their top advice for maintaining professional relationships while also prioritizing your personal ones.

How To Be Successful With Your Global Recruiting Efforts

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With the popularity of remote work today, companies are able to look for talent regardless of geographical location. But while this means access to a larger talent pool with varying skill sets, it also means navigating the legalities of hiring outside your home country and incorporating various cultures into your own unified company culture.  While this can be a tricky task to get right, with the right tools and tips, you can successfully expand your hiring to international applicants. To help, eight business leaders from Young Entrepreneur Council discuss the tips they would give companies for how to be successful with their global recruiting efforts as well as how this might differ from traditional, location-based recruiting. 

Empathetic Leadership In The Digital Age: Nurturing Innovation And Resilience In The Workplace


The right approach to empathetic leadership can foster a culture of innovation and nurture the resilience it takes to keep pace with the changing landscape.

Maintaining a Strong Company Culture Amid Rapid Growth: Essential Tips for Leaders

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Create an environment where your company's shared vision thrives -- even as your team grows. As a company experiences rapid growth, it can be challenging to maintain a strong and unified culture. With new employees joining and priorities shifting, the essence that once defined the organization may become diluted or forgotten altogether. However, fostering a cohesive culture is vital for long-term success and talent retention. To help leaders maintain their company culture amid rapid growth, seven successful entrepreneurs share their expert insights and best advice.

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As much of customer service is now conducted through live chat or social media, ensuring your teams are properly trained on best practices for written communication is paramount to your success. When your staff can not only educate and serve your customers but also connect with them in a meaningful way, you’re much more likely to build a loyal following that will want to recommend you to their family and friends. According to the members of Young Entrepreneur Council, keeping these 11 tips in mind when engaging with customers in a written format can help ensure your communication is clear, helpful and likely to earn you the trust and loyalty of your customers.

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TK Trailer Parts

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•Selected to the 2018 “Inc. 5000” list as the 1972nd fastest growing private company in U.S •Achieved a $5M revenue run rate and 300% growth in one year •Allocate $350K+ in annual marketing budget to eBay, Amazon, Google, Social Media, etc. •Schedule deliveries, create distribution matrix, accounting, payment & follow-up processes •Created website with SEO strategies to influence keyword rankings via high-quality digital marketing videos & product descriptions •Direct operations supporting other companies, i.e. Freight/Marketing critical to TK Trailer Parts •Negotiate pricing & coordinate shipping & distribution from 30+ locations & 10+ vendors •Plan & coordinate attendance at regional and national trade shows as a reputable vendor •Secure commercial real estate transactions for business expansion •Hire, onboard, train, terminate and manage a team of 15+ employees •Direct expansion via start ups & acquisitions in e-commerce, marketing, & manufacturing