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Nationally Recognized Business Owner/Entrepreneur with experience directing successful Sales, Warehouse Operations, Marketing, Distribution and E-Commerce efforts with a focus on trailer parts. My diverse skill set is aided by unmatched energy to create authentic, strong partnerships with suppliers, vendors, and clients. Currently, I manage 6 businesses that have achieved a combined revenue of $6M annually. Each business uniquely supplements one another. As a result, I was awarded "Inc. 5000" 1,972 fastest growing companies in U.S., one of the youngest recipients.


January 20th, 2022

Building An All-Remote Company? Nine Solutions To Common Problems You’ll Face

Remote work has gained a lot of popularity since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. When most businesses were forced to adapt to remote work as the world went on lockdown, business owners, leaders and employees alike started to understand the benefits that remote work has to offer, with better work-life balance topping the list.

December 30th, 2021

Nine Best Practices For Getting The Most Out Of Year-End Reflection

The end of each year is an important time to reflect on what you accomplished throughout the year as well as any challenges you faced so that you can make a game plan to improve in the future. Sometimes it's difficult to remember everything that happened, but you don't want to overlook significant events when reflecting on them can help you accomplish more in the months ahead.

December 22nd, 2021

10 Good Reasons Not To Seek Investors For Your Business

In the variety of options for financing a startup, many entrepreneurs entertain the idea of inviting investors into their businesses. Working with an investor can help you grow your business quickly while also leveraging their expertise. However, despite the benefits of an investor, there are also many reasons not to partner with one.

December 21st, 2021

Eight Smart Steps To Take In January To Ensure Your Next Performance Review Is A Success

As a professional, there are dozens of goals you may have, such as getting a raise, snagging a promotion or simply wanting to be recognized for your hard work. Annual performance reviews are an excellent time to discuss your goals with your manager to make sure you are heading in the right direction with your company.


TK Trailer Parts

•Selected to the 2018 “Inc. 5000” list as the 1972nd fastest growing private company in U.S •Achieved a $5M revenue run rate and 300% growth in one year •Allocate $350K+ in annual marketing budget to eBay, Amazon, Google, Social Media, etc. •Schedule deliveries, create distribution matrix, accounting, payment & follow-up processes •Created website with SEO strategies to influence keyword rankings via high-quality digital marketing videos & product descriptions •Direct operations supporting other companies, i.e. Freight/Marketing critical to TK Trailer Parts •Negotiate pricing & coordinate shipping & distribution from 30+ locations & 10+ vendors •Plan & coordinate attendance at regional and national trade shows as a reputable vendor •Secure commercial real estate transactions for business expansion •Hire, onboard, train, terminate and manage a team of 15+ employees •Direct expansion via start ups & acquisitions in e-commerce, marketing, & manufacturing