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Traci Beach

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Craft Impact

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Traci's company, Craft Impact, partners with C-Level executives to build communication strategies that engage top talent and customers during organizational change. Traci has a diverse background in finance, journalism and marketing. Her experience in these various arenas has made her a valuable, well-rounded consultant to both large and small businesses. A former Bloomberg News reporter, Traci is a strong believer in the power of a story. Every person, every business has a story to share. The first step of effective storytelling is truly understanding the audience, what they care about and what's at stake for them. The second key to success is ensuring a consistent story is being told—throughout marketing, customer interactions and internal communications. As a content journalist and communications strategist, Traci helps companies understand how to best connect with target audiences, delivering the right messages in the right ways to ensure engagement. The power of creative storytelling can be used to boost motivation, operational excellence and retention at an evolving business. Traci is a proponent of sharing stories through multiple formats—be it through pictures, video, words or data. She knows how to effectively package information to make it understandable, objective, educational and most of all, relevant to the audience, speaking to the “so what” or “why should I care”. She works alongside executives to develop the right stories, messages and strategic plans for communicating with impact to internal and external stakeholders.


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February 25th, 2021

11 Smart Ways to Grow Your Email List on a Budget

Email marketing is a great way for small businesses to stay connected with their customers and encourage more sales. The problem is that because of their size they often have limited resources for growing their subscriber lists. So to help small business owners expand their email audience (even on a budget), the members of Young Entrepreneur Council weighed in on the following question:

November 4th, 2020

16 Common Mistakes Companies Make With Their Blogs

A company blog isn't anything like a personal blog, yet many businesses look to individual bloggers to inform their choices on topics and content. Some strike on their own, coming up with their own ideas and fleshing them out by themselves, but the result can be just as underwhelming.

October 27th, 2020

The Top 10 Communication Lessons An Entrepreneur Can Learn

Every successful business leader needs to know how to communicate effectively. Both written and verbal communication skills are crucial if you want to build and maintain strong relationships with your employees, customers and partners.

October 9th, 2020

How to Communicate Important News Internally: 15 Best Tips

An effective internal communications strategy is essential when trying to build a cohesive team working together toward the same goal. Especially when it comes to announcing important news to your team, using the right internal communications approach is of utmost importance. The right communications strategy ensures the communicated message is clear and easily understood, leaving no room for error. That’s why we asked 15 entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) the following:


Craft Impact

Craft Impact partners with clients to build communication strategies that engage and retain top talent and customers during organizational change.


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