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Thomas Minieri is an American entrepreneur, innovator and artist. He founded his first company at the age of 25 and turned a $30 startup budget into over $12 million in sales in under a decade. In 2017, Thomas sold his company for seven figures and soon thereafter launched Minieri & Company, a boutique marketing agency offering brand design, website development, digital and content marketing, and reputation management services. Thomas largely attributes his success to his creative and innovative approach to art, technology and communications. Thomas is a native of New York and has lived in Maine and Boston. Today, he lives in Charlotte with his wife Elizabeth and their daughter, Abigail. Thomas is a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council, a Forbes contributing author and has been featured in Business2Community, Inc, Mashable, Readwrite and more.


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Minieri & Company

Our unique fusion of art, technology and communications™ will transform your company forever! Business today moves at the speed of light making it challenging for many business owners to keep up. With Minieri & Company as your marketing partner, we’ll transform your company into a remarkable brand, create dynamic and engaging advertisement campaigns, and dramatically improve your customer base and customer retention! Brand Design Statistics show clear evidence that customers are drawn to businesses with aesthetically pleasing brand and website design. Combining modern art trends with data on human behavior, Minieri & Company will create for you a beautiful brand that will resonate with the public! Website Development Our expert coders and designers work together to create for you an attractive, highly effective website that will deliver a positive user experience for your visitors and will promote engagement and interaction with your company. In short, website ROI is the name of our game. Digital & Content Marketing With your new brand and company message set, Minieri & Company goes to work to promote your services or products. We utilize cutting-edge strategies in SEO, social media marketing, paid ad management, content creation (video, publication and visual assets) and remarketing campaigns to dramatically improve your online presence, funnel you new prospects and increase your customer base. Reputation Management Our Boost by Minieri & Company software platform gives you access to important performance analytics on your entire marketing strategy while providing you with quick and easy methods to encourage volume positive reviews from your customers. Within a short time your brand will surpass the competition with beauty, functionality, communication and exceptional reputation rankings.


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