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Thomas Minieri is an American entrepreneur, innovator and artist. He founded his first company at the age of 25 and turned a $30 startup budget into over $12 million in sales in a decade. Thomas began his business in the closet of an event hall. Within a year, he was producing enough revenue to get his own store space. Within three years, he was grossing a half a million dollars in revenue, purchased his first commercial property, and opened his second store location. Three years later, he surpassed the one million dollars in annual revenue benchmark, opened a third location, and owned three commercial properties in prime locations. Thomas then made several investments in his company's infrastructure. He established a customer service call center to capture all incoming sales communications and developed a robust and innovative software platform that was years ahead of its time. His small empire continued to grow when he franchised the brand. Within four years he had fifteen franchise locations across the southeast United States. In 2017, Thomas with his wife Elizabeth, decided it was time to "exit stage left" and sell the business. After selling his successful franchise system and real estate holdings company at the height of the market, Thomas took some much-needed time off to spend with family and to celebrate the arrival of his daughter, Abigail. Six months later, Thomas founded Minieri & Company, a marketing and creative agency located in Charleston, South Carolina. In early 2022, Thomas began writing his first book titled Lemonade Maker. The book chronicles the many obstacles and challenges Thomas faced as a young entrepreneur with limited resources at his disposal. Lemonade Maker offers innovative strategies and insight on how entrepreneurs can turn their BIGGEST challenges into their GREATEST successes. Thus, the LEMONADE MAKER™ brand was born with an upcoming book and a new franchise model close behind. Thomas is a native of New York and has lived in Maine and Boston. Today, he lives in Charleston, South Carolina with his wife Elizabeth and their daughter, Abigail. Thomas is a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council, a Forbes contributing author and has been featured in Business2Community, Inc, Mashable, Readwrite and more.


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