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Thomas Minieri is an American entrepreneur and author. He ventured into the crazy world of entrepreneurship in his mid-twenties with only thirty dollars to his name. Fast-forward ten years and his company surpassed twelve-million-dollars in revenue, spanned six states with sixteen locations, and employed over fifty professionals. After a seven-figure exit strategy, he took time off to recharge, then set out to help other entrepreneurs find success through his business education brand, Lemonade Maker!

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When you start a business, not only do you have to convince potential customers you can solve their particular problem, but you also have to convince them that your business can solve their problem better than any other company can. Differentiating yourself from your competition in this way is essential if you want to succeed in your niche and build a loyal following of customers. But what steps do you need to take to do so? Here, 12 business leaders from Young Entrepreneur Council share their insights on what new entrepreneurs should do when it comes to differentiating themselves from their competition and what steps they’ll need to take to ensure their success.

How To Start A Business When You're Low On Funds


If you want to start a business on the cheap, then you’ve got to put everything on the line.

How Much Should You Spend On Marketing


Spend what needs to be spent to ensure you are not losing leads due to unresponsiveness.

The Positive Effects Of A Modern Brand


If you're hesitant to change your brand, then perhaps this narrative will provide some perspective.


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Members of Young Entrepreneur Council list the factors companies will want to consider if they want to improve their website UX. While your business’s first attempt at creating a website may have focused on necessary product information, your logo and color scheme and basic functionality, it may not have truly considered how your visitors use the site and, therefore, may not have produced the positive results you were hoping for. To get the most out of your website, it’s vital that you take a look at the full user experience first. To help guide you, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council offer 14 factors all companies should consider when redesigning their websites and why these particular factors can have such an impact on the way your users experience your business.

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There are many reasons why a person's career idles, but it will likely happen to just about everyone at some point. Personal issues, an economic crisis, a creativity block or financial trouble are just a few factors that might cause a person to lose their passion for work.  Realizing that your career has stalled or that you've lost passion for something you once loved to do can be frightening and overwhelming. It's enough to send some people into despair and depression. Here, a group of Young Entrepreneur Council members weigh in with advice on what they would do—or have done—when faced with the same problem.

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Minieri & Company is home of the Lemonade Maker brand! Life gives entrepreneurs an extra dose of lemons. Fight back with Lemonade Maker strategies and turn your BIGGEST challenges into your GREATEST successes! Featuring an inspiring true story with 101 proven LEMONOLOGY® strategies for success, Lemonade Maker: The Book will teach you how to build an amazing company by not just solving problems, but by looking at problems for what they truly are—an opportunity to create something remarkable! Fine-tune your business aptitude through our Lemonade Maker Entrepreneur Education Experience, featuring expert-led interactive online courses, workshops, and seminars for entrepreneurs.


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