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Thomas Griffin is the Co-Founder and President of OptinMonster. Thomas is an expert software architect with a deep knowledge and understanding of building products for the mass-market. He is a frequent speaker on topics of software performance, systems infrastructure and application scalability. Prior to OptinMonster, he founded Soliloquy, the fastest WordPress slider plugin, and Envira Gallery, a revolutionary image gallery solution for photographers.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Business With A Co-Founder

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Many people dream of starting their own business, being their own boss and taking charge of their work life. However, while there are plenty of benefits to going it alone, becoming a solopreneur can also feel very lonely or isolating as you navigate the ups and downs of getting a business off the ground. For this reason, many aspiring business owners choose to seek out a co-founder to help them on their journey. From giving your business more credibility to acting as a soundboard for your creative ideas, opting to enter into such a partnership may just be the perfect solution for you. Here, the business leaders of Young Entrepreneur Council explore these benefits and more as they outline 10 reasons why someone may want to find a co-founder rather than go it alone as a solopreneur.

11 Ways To Earn Free Press And Grow Your Business On A Limited Budget

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Starting your business with a limited budget can be difficult, as everything from creating your product to building your website seems to have some sort of cost associated with it. However, there’s one area of business that doesn’t necessarily have to cost any money: press.  Getting your company’s name out into the public and in front of potential customers by generating free press is one of the most cost-effective steps you can take to market your business. From writing guest posts on industry blogs to applying for business awards, there are numerous strategies you can use to get your company noticed. Here, 11 members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss just some of those methods and why they’re so effective at helping you positively grow your business.

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One of the most critical factors that determines how successful any business can be is its pricing structure. A model that both earns high profits and satisfies customers’ needs is one that will support a business for a long time to come. But a model that fails in any way could spell disaster for a growing company. In this way, it’s important to check in on your pricing strategy from time to time to evaluate how it’s performing and what you can do to improve it. To get you started, nine members of Young Entrepreneur Council list some of the signs you may notice when it’s time to reevaluate your pricing structure, as well as discuss what your first step should be upon noticing them.

12 Wellness Perks, Policies Or Initiatives Your Team Will Actually Get Excited About

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It should come as no surprise that a healthy and happy employee is a more productive one. This is why many employers are looking to employee wellness programs to help their team members build healthier habits to improve both their physical and mental health. However, getting employees interested in taking advantage of these benefits means considering their needs and what gets them excited to participate. For a list of perks, policies and initiatives that might spark the interest of your team members, consider the following suggestions from the business leaders of Young Entrepreneur Council. Here, they recommend ideas they themselves have implemented or have seen succeed in the workplace and discuss why they believe employees are so excited to take advantage of these benefits.

Want A Company Mission Statement That Lasts? 11 Key Questions To Ask

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Your company mission is the North Star of your business, guiding each and every decision you make. Writing one, therefore, isn’t just about creating a clever slogan or summarizing your goals; it’s about getting to the heart of your business and laying out the true driving force behind your company and all those who work within it. And while you may have an idea of the main “why” behind your business, writing a clear, well-thought-out mission statement may require some deeper reflection. To help, 11 members of Young Entrepreneur Council offer a few questions you can ask yourself to spark a more detailed, thorough or meaningful statement for your company mission that will stand the test of time.

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No matter how focused your business is on customer satisfaction, the occasional complaint is inevitable. Whether they occur in person at a physical store or through online channels, these complaints present a unique opportunity to turn the situation around and deliver a positive experience. By actively listening to the customer's concerns, businesses can demonstrate empathy, foster trust and find effective solutions that resolve the issue at hand and encourage that person to keep coming back. To that end, Young Entrepreneur Council members share a few key actions you can take to address negative feedback and create a positive outcome for the customer—and ultimately, your business.

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