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Taylor Irwin

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Rocky Mountain Car Wash

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Taylor Irwin is the co-owner and Head of Operations at Rocky Mountain Car Wash (RMCW). A true definition of an ENFJ personality type, she exhibits the skills and understanding to motivate teams and strives to inspire people towards a common goal. Hailing from four generations of entrepreneurs, she has an incessant desire to grow her 17-year-old family business. In addition to her educational background in economics, she has worked in every role at her family car wash chain; from Customer Service Attendant to Head of Operations. She knows every aspect of the business and has an arsenal of knowledge to apply towards future growth. Encompassing a natural entrepreneurial spirit, passion for real estate investing, and deep-rooted self-employed history – she is fully equipped to grow RMCW from 8 locations in Wyoming to many more locations all over the Inter-mountain West. Taylor began working at RMCW at the age of 8, when her parents ingrained in her a strong work ethic and drive for exceeding customer expectations. After finishing her professional schooling in New York City in 2014 she moved back to Wyoming to use her strengths of understanding people, economics, and her think-outside-the-box mentality to work her way up the ranks at RMCW. After only 3 years of returning full time to RMCW, she took the reins as Head of Operations and is currently working to secure funding for faster growth. She prides herself on her “multiplier” mentality, where she seeks to find the unique strengths in her employees, give less attention to their weaknesses and delegate tasks accordingly. Taylor owns multiple investment properties of her own and is passionate about growing RMCW while adding valuable commercial properties to the company’s already successful real estate portfolio. RMCW is on track to have the best year yet (2018) under Taylor’s leadership and she has improved the employee retention rate tenfold by making it a high priority to invest in her people.


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Rocky Mountain Car Wash

Rocky Mountain Car Wash (RMCW) is the largest car wash chain in the state of Wyoming. RMCW challenges the self-serve industry status quo by having all of their locations staffed during normal business hours in order to achieve optimum cleanliness and customer service. This "attended self-serve" style car wash model is unique and rare, while also encompassing innovative technology & equipment to enhance the customer car wash experience. RMCW is one of few car washes in the US that offers mobile app payment and mobile app wash activation.


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