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Simonetta Lein is a lifestyle social media entrepreneur, named fashion icon, writer and Millennial activist, ranked as one of the top five fashion influencers in the world. With over 2 million followers on the web, Simonetta is a brand ambassador, creator of and co-founder of Ausonia Partners LLC. The Simonetta Lein Show,, is one of the most accredited shows in the world, with huge, A-list celebrity guests. Simonetta is the founder of The Wishwall Foundation, with its international project The Wishwall She is a former Vanity Fair and Huffington Post columnist. She writes for the Entrepreneur Magazine and advocates for women in her blog Empowering Style by The Wishmaker, Simonetta is a top model who has contributed to several shows at NYFW and at Madison Square Garden for Style Fashion Week. Her fans call her The Wishmaker. Simonetta boasts an enormous list of accomplishments, such as becoming recognized as one of the top 100 influencers in the world and being named a fashion icon, setting trends on social media and beyond. She is the leading star for the show “The Wishwall” picked by Amazon Prime, distributed through FNL Network. One of her most treasured accomplishments is the establishment of her charitable organization, The Wishwall Foundation. The foundation is a space allowing people from across the world to post their deepest wish or desire on the website’s “Wishwall.” Simonetta, “The Wishmaker,” along with her global network, take those wishes and make incredible dreams come true. Through celebrity interviews, fashion shows and other special events, Simonetta brings people into a world that they would not normally have access to. Simonetta is a storyteller; her first novel was inspired by the power of dreams and it is called "Everything Is Possible," published by Sperling & Kupfer.


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December 28th, 2021

Eight Smart Strategies To Take Your Business’s Instagram Game To The Next Level

Modern entrepreneurs know the importance of using social media to grow their business. It can be a great way for business owners to connect with customers and expand their company’s reach. As social media’s relevance has grown, so have the benefits of using popular platforms like Instagram to reach your target audience.

October 19th, 2021

Nine Important Lessons Leaders Have Learned About Customer Communication

Customers are the key to success for any business. The way you communicate with your customers can make or break their decision to work with you. That's why it's crucial your customer communications are always impactful and meaningful.

September 29th, 2021

How To Get Your 'A' Players Back On Track When They're Bored Or Burned Out

No employee is immune to burnout—not even your "A" players—and especially not during trying times. As an employer, you may sometimes notice that the employees who are always on their game have been reaching a point of exhaustion. Some employees may even seem bored with their work and like they are craving something new.

August 16th, 2021

10 Clear Signs You Might Not Be Cut Out For Entrepreneurship

Every aspiring entrepreneur starts out with a great idea. Some people turn this idea into a side hustle and sell a small amount of their product or service, while others succeed at expanding their businesses quickly and widely. However, many quickly discover that running and growing a business is hard work and may struggle to sustain their fledgling startup.


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Ausonia Partners LLC is a consulting firm specialized in three principal areas: - social media marketing with top influencers and celebrities. -brand building, awareness and positioning backed by a team of experienced marketers, pr and content creators. -finance through our licensed broker/dealer. Ausonia Partners takes pride in helping start ups come to light, assisting established brands and firms with a unique guaranteed approach. Our motto is: “We are here to help”.


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