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Shu Saito established All Filters in 2009, Fact Retriever in 2016, and Godai Soaps in 2018. When developing a business plan for All Filters, Saito believed that none of the current major e-commerce software applications available at the time met the needs of most online retailers. As a result, he decided to design new software from the bottom up. His results were an easy-to-navigate, SEO friendly website and robust software with high capabilities that included a state-of-art order processing and fulfillment tool, highly targetable and customizable marketing tools, an accurate inventory tracking system, and an easy-to-use back-end administration system for employees. Saito attributes most of his success to his creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. With a background in music composition, Saito never ceased to infuse his work with his creative vision -- a vision that led to a creative, efficient way to process orders and market products. Saito is also an inherently compassionate person who not only always strives to help others but also aims to provide well-paying, rewarding jobs to those involved in his business. His three core values are to be honest, ethical, and positive.


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All Filters

All Filters LLC is a premier online water filtration retail company, offering a wide range of quality, affordable filtration products such as water, furnace, pool and refrigerator filters.


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