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Dr. Sheila Nazarian is an Emmy nominated, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with a private practice in Beverly Hills. She has a Masters in Medical Management degree from the Marshall School of Business at USC. She also serves as Assistant Professor in Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Southern California. She is the founder of Nazarian Plastic Surgery, Spa26, The Skin Spot e-commerce site, and the Nazarian Institute where she brings thought leaders to teach business owners in the luxury space to Think BIG – Branding, Innovation, Growth. Dr. Nazarian is also the start of the new Netflix original series: Skin Decision Before and After. She is married to a neurosurgeon, Dr. Fardad Mobin, has three children. She also enjoys being an influencer in the digital space: @drsheilanazarian, @themodelsurgeon, @spa26.official, @theskinspotbeverlyhills, @thinkbig on Instagram and Nazarian Plastic Surgery on Facebook/YouTube.

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Every professional needs time off to rest and recharge, but getting back into your work routine after a vacation or extended PTO can be tough—especially if you have lots of messages or tasks to sift through. All too quickly, that relaxed feeling you gained from your time away is replaced with stress and anxiety about all the tasks that urgently need your attention. But your first day back to work doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming. Below, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council share nine tips for getting back into the swing of things after your vacation gradually and coming back to work refreshed and ready to tackle your next challenge.

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No employee is immune to burnout—not even your "A" players—and especially not during trying times. As an employer, you may sometimes notice that the employees who are always on their game have been reaching a point of exhaustion. Some employees may even seem bored with their work and like they are craving something new. If your top performers need a little extra motivation, try these tips recommended by the members of Young Entrepreneur Council. Below, nine of them give their best advice to employers who want to reverse team burnout and get their staff back on track.

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Nazarian Plastic Surgery is a medical practice company based out of the United States.


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