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Sean is a serial entrepreneur. He currently serves as the CEO of Concreit, building a simple way of saving & investing in commercial real estate for everyone. He was the Chief Product Officer of Flowroute (co-founder), an award-winning business communications provider focusing on API-driven SMS, SIP trunking and telecommunication resources. Flowroute delivers cost savings, flexibility, and higher quality connections to thousands of businesses around the world. Sean thrives off his lifelong passion for entrepreneurship, technology, culture, design, and hip hop. His talents have served Fortune 100 companies including Apple, Linksys (Cisco), and Motorola, pushing forward new marketing ventures and fostering rapid growth. Sean holds a degree in Information & Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine. developed his expertise in technology, marketing, and design growing up in Davis, CA.


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December 2nd, 2020

10 Critical Qualities Every Startup Hire Should Have

Working for a startup is vastly different than working for an established company. Established companies have steady processes and defined operations, while startups often wade through a constant stream of pivots and unknowns.



Concreit aims to build a diversified portfolio that is less correlated with traditional public fixed income, stocks or bonds through private market commercial real estate. The objective is to pay attractive and consistent cash distrubtions while preserving, protecting & returning your capital contribution. Our portfolio design focuses on short term real estate lending with a sprinkle of operating & potentially stabilized multi-family assets. We believe this combination will help us manage liquidity and allow us to manage funds and identify opportunities that fit our fund's investment goals.


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