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Saana Azzam known as a “Chief Inspirational Officer” for businesses globally, Saana Azzam is an international award-winning economist, Forbes contributor, and CEO of The Middle East leading speaker’s bureau, MENA Speakers. In addition to providing keynotes to conferences and events around the world, Azzam has become the region’s number one expert on public speaking. Her success is grounded in helping businesses in The Middle East select the right speakers for their events from talent in the region and around the world. MENA Speakers’ clients trust the company’s recommendations because of her insightful analysis from her training as an economist and strategic thinker; who works closely with event planners to assist them in understanding the cost-benefit analysis tied to selecting a speaker for any event. Born to a Palestinian refugee, Azzam has pushed herself far beyond her humble beginnings. She’s a graduate from the esteemed Stockholm School of Economics with a Master’s in Economics. She earned the prestigious title of “Female Economist of the Year” in 2010. Through Harvard University’s extension courses in Boston, USA, she focused her studies on Leadership Communication. Later on she complete a course in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) training so she could learn the traits of highly successful people. Today, Azzam is a fellow at The Vital Voices GROW, a leading business program whose founder leaders are Hilary Clinton and Madeleine Albright. Recently, she was named one of the top 10 most influential leaders of 2020 by Insights Success. Azzam also has distinguished herself as a keynote speaker, embracing her passion for impacting the lives of others as a professional speaker since 2010. She has been speaking for the likes of Spotify, The Kellogg Company, UAE University, and many more. Recently, MENA Speakers launched a new tech platform, www.Experts.Market, a marketplace for speakers to be booked for events, sell their books, online courses, advisory and market themselves more effectively. Azzam’s goal is to position Experts Market as a leading speakers’ destination and the ultimate ecommerce shop for speakers. With a boundless amount of energy, creativity and determination, Azzam is continuously expanding MENA Speakers to become an even more globally-recognized brand, helping to bring more global talent to the region, and establishing it as the key global hub for speakers to learn how to monetize their platforms.


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The Power of Words – They can create world leaders and they can create global shapers. A mother’s gentle words, a teachers story or a strangers speech can sometimes echo so loud that it makes us alter our path. We at MENA Speakers believe in empowering, educating and entertaining our audience using strong and intelligent voices throughout society. Our main aim is to facilitate that interaction between speaker and different forums and to make sure that the right voice is matched to the right audience. Our background comes from standing on stage and speaking to thousands and also from listening to thousands and we at MENA Speakers know a great speaker leaves you empowered, entertained and educated.


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