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As a professional in the marketplace of endless potential for innovation and collaboration, I am actively and constantly seeking environments where I can significantly learn and grow in my career while contributing the best of my efforts to my environments and causes. With application of a vast and diverse array of skillsets and experiences, I uphold four passion points that perpetually drive me towards my goals: 1. Marketing: I believe in quality products and services, for which their functions are to be maximized in efficiency for the consumer as a testament to individual and companies’ best efforts and practices. With a proud record of such, it is a major passion point of mine to watch a product or service grow from concept to cradle to flourished success. 2. Multi-disciplinary Interests: While some may believe it is best to become an expert in one particular field, I believe in exploring multi-disciplinary fields; our minds are much more capable than having to exert all [subjective] energy into one single field of focus. We encounter many areas of interest, and with the correct balance of time and ambition, several areas of expertise can be accomplished. 3. Philanthropy: There is nothing more exhilarating and rejuvenating than regurgitating experience and knowledge to those that are in need. As citizens of a civilized society amongst current times of misfortune for many, it is the duty of those who are capable of providing to provide, care, and teach to those that are not so fortunate to rest as we do. I believe charitable acts should accompany our daily tasks as reminders of our place amongst society as well as bringing those underneath us to one’s own level and above. 4. Hobbies of Passion: While all else remains well and captivating, I believe curiosity and adventure keeps the soul young, quick-witted, passionate, and driven. Photography, travel, history, politics, and diplomacy fuel my ceaseless quench for knowledge and thrill.


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June 13th, 2022

10 Ways to Encourage Brainstorming at Your Company

Innovation drives a business forward, so it’s important to know how to tap into it as well as harness the creativity of your team. To help you create an environment that’s conducive to brainstorming and new ideas, 10 members of Young Entrepreneur Council share their best tips below.

May 16th, 2022

12 Secrets to Finding Fulfillment as an Entrepreneur

Members of Young Entrepreneur Council share their insights on what it takes to stay happy as a business owner.



JoneKiri, a portmanteau of Japanese disciplines Jōnetsu (Passion) and Kiritsu (Discipline), is a full service media agency specializing in omni-channel campaign ideation and packaging, strategic partnership and business development, content monetization and licensing, revenue stream diversification, and audience building for brands and content producers. With a focus in podcasting and a zoomed out lens of implementing all channels (social, radio, digital, OTT, virtual, tent-pole events, NFTs), JoneKiri facilitates a white glove matchmaking service between athletes, celebrities, content producers, entrepreneurs, executives, producers, and writers on one end, and Fortune 500 companies and direct-to-consumer brands on the other for an optimal experience for all parties.


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