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Ryan O'Connell is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Boomn, an ROI focused digital marketing agency specializing in customer and user acquisition for top consumer brands. Ryan has started small businesses, worked in real estate, radio, marketing, and sports before starting Boomn. He has a proven experience, a track record of success, as well a unique background and passion to work with entrepreneurs, brands and athletes.

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YouTube is one of the top social media platforms in the world. As such, it provides a plethora of untapped potential for many businesses. Whether you're a new business looking for ways to establish an online presence or have been on the platform a while but haven't been able to figure out how to tap into the potential it has to offer, once you know how to use it effectively, you're sure to grow your following. There are several ways a company can leverage YouTube to grow its customer base. Here, eight members of Young Entrepreneur Council share the most effective strategies they know to help companies achieve the results they need.


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Members of Young Entrepreneur Council recommend taking these steps before using content made by your audience. One of the easiest ways for any business to produce content is to make smart use of the content their audience members have already made. This user-generated content (UGC) not only is a great way to get your audience engaged with your brand, but it’s also an effective strategy to find free content for your business’s social channels. According to a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council members, however, there are a few things you’ll want to be sure you do before you use any UGC. Below, they’ve listed 13 of the steps you’ll want to take and explain why taking them is so important.

15 Tips To Realign And Resolve Conflict With Your Business Partner

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No matter how well-aligned two business partners may be, there will inevitably be times when they don't see eye to eye. However, when larger issues arise and the partners are no longer on the same page, it's critical for both parties to get back on track to resolve their conflict. Otherwise, they risk making decisions (or making no decisions at all) that could ultimately harm the business and its culture. If you and your business partner can't seem to agree on an important issue, first remember that you're working toward the same goal: the good of the company. Then, try these 15 strategies recommended by Young Entrepreneur Council members for realigning with your partner and resolving conflict.

13 Top Ways To Increase Your Confidence In The Workplace

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Confidence is an important feeling to have if you want to succeed at work, in relationships and in everyday life. It's also a trait that seems much easier to possess than it actually is—Sometimes it takes a step outside your head and comfort zone to achieve it. Whether you're a fairly confident person looking to step into the best version of yourself or someone who has very low self-confidence, there are little ways you can work on building it up every day. Below, 13 members of Young Entrepreneur Council share their best tips for how to increase your confidence in the workplace.

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Content is the key to reaching and engaging new and existing customers. But after you've been creating content for so long, it can start to feel like you've covered everything you can possibly cover about your brand or in your niche.  Fresh content is always there, but sometimes you're just too burned out to see it. When you've hit a content roadblock, there are plenty of ways to refresh your perspective and spark new ideas. To help, 10 members of YEC share their best tips for summoning the creativity you need to take your content to the next level.

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As social media becomes a go-to communication platform for consumers across all demographics, it’s important for companies to increase their brand awareness on the platforms their audiences use. Leveraging these social media platforms effectively can help create strong connections with customers, draw them to your business, and build brand loyalty. To help businesses boost brand loyalty, 14 Young Entrepreneur Council members offer their best advice.

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Boomn is an ROI focused digital marketing agency specializing in customer and user acquisition for top consumer brands.


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