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Ryan Bradley


Koester & Bradley, LLP / White River Consulting, LLC

Urbana-Champaign, Illinois Area

I own and manage a civil litigation law firm, Koester & Bradley, LLP and consulting practice, White River Consulting, which allows me to work with clients from tech companies to political campaigns.   Along with my partner at Koester & Bradley, we are continuing a tradition that dates back to 1895.  The primary thrust of the cases I handle involve serious injuries or death, Class Actions / Mass Torts, Consumer Fraud and Financial Fraud as well as general litigation.  Additionally, we work with small to medium sized business to handle difficult civil legal situations such as litigation and arbitration. As part of growing the law firm, I dove head first into the world of digital marketing along the way tackling SEO, Social Media, and Branding.   In 2015, I launched White River Consulting with the goal of helping small to medium sized business realize that they CAN conquer marketing on their own and still know when to call in for back-up.  Helping business grow is my therapy from a contentions job as a litigator, and I frequently work with early-stage companies and well-established brands to iron out the kinks in their respective processes. Formerly I founded along with renowned watch and gear designer Jerommie Smith, Smith & Bradley watches. We design and build sport and tactical watches and outdoor products. In keeping with the lean start-up model, Smith & Bradley relies heavily on social media and viral marketing to preach the gospel of watches and crowdfunding for equity.  We have successfully funded five projects on Kickstarter. I exited the company in 2017 but it is still raging on today and I serve an an advisor. I genuinely love what I do, so I am always working.  I also spend some time chasing my four kids (three girls and a boy) and playing golf, tennis, skiing.


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December 4th, 2017

Why Cybersecurity Matters To Your Business

The premise is simple: Protect your company's data along with your customers' data. But the execution is complex.

May 26th, 2017

Why The Billable Hour is Dead (Or Should Be)

Platforms and strategies are now available for entrepreneurs to take a bite out of large expenses, and the first step is avoiding the billable hour.


Koester & Bradley, LLP / White River Consulting, LLC

A civil litigation and business consulting firm. We concentrate on complex injury and financial cases and Class Actions and Mass torts. Additionally Koester & Bradley offers a full suite of consulting services from marketing to business formation and acquisition. The billable hour is dying, and we are helping to kill it.


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