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16 years ago I left a legal career after working with big law firms in Boston. Being a lawyer was great, but I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur and had already established a passion for using personality type to improve communication dynamics. Since then, more than 165,000 people have been through our online tools and I've worked with more than 50,000 people in live sessions delivered around the world. It continues to amaze me that what we consider to be the most basic principles of effective communication are in such demand among our clients - and how consistent that demand is globally. The more we learn about personality type, the more interesting the topic becomes and the more it explains. I'm grateful to have found such an infinitely fascinating topic and to be able to devote my professional life towards it. And, it is enormously satisfying that people who come in contact with this information will not view any of their relationships the same afterwards - not just professionally, but with the spouse, kids and so on. I love share access to our programs with those who are interested in learning. And, some of the very best conversations are around personality type and entrepreneurship. I'd love to hear your story.


February 17th, 2021

Working Remotely? Eight Tips To Communicate Professionally And Effectively On Slack

Remote work has quickly become the norm across much of the corporate world. Yet, with so many professionals used to in-person interaction, this shift to digital messaging has rapidly and fundamentally changed workplace communication.

February 11th, 2021

10 Important Pieces Of Leadership Advice That Will Always Be Relevant

Being a leader is more than running meetings and managing a team. It’s a skill that takes a lifetime to master, and there will always be room to grow as a mentor, coach and source of inspiration to your employees.


The Idea Factory

TypeCoach delivers online programs as well as in-person training and coaching to achieve business and organizational goals through the application of personality type. Our online tools allow a user to verify their best-fit personality type through video and animations and then access Coaching modules that are unique to their personality type. We also offer a Type-to-Type tool that breaks down any relationship based on the specific combination of personalities involved, providing actionable strategies for improved communication, etc. All of our materials are practical, easy to use and powerful. Our growing client list range from the best and brightest among the Fortune 500, includes the 4th largest employer in the world, premier schools like Harvard/Stanford, and also exceptional small, mid-size and large companies and non-profit organizations. We always offer potential partners and decision makers complimentary access to our programs to determine if there is a fit.


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