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In the past 3 years I've helped scale more than 10 companies from 6 to 7-figures for both myself and my clients. Here's a little bit about my company Contact Studios, what we do, and why we do it. Content is every marketer's best asset for driving sustainable, scalable growth. But for most marketers, scaling content is a nightmare. These are the problems faced by Directors of Marketing, Marketing Managers, CMOs, Content Managers, and others, and how we can help: MOST MARKETERS FACE THE FOLLOWING PROBLEMS: No bandwidth or budget to produce SEO content in-house or to hire internally. Agencies and production companies are slow and expensive. Freelance marketplaces put the burden on you with endless notes and revisions. Between hiring editors, writers, videographers, producers, photographers, motion designers, and SEO experts…building an internal team just isn’t feasible for most organizations. BY IGNORING THESE PROBLEMS, MARKETERS RISK: Missing out on tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a month to your marketing-savvy competitors. Losing the opportunity to rank for industry-defining keywords to competitors that get their first. Failing to build trust in your consumers, leaving them to align their loyalties to another company in your industry that appears to be a greater authority. HOW I CAN HELP: We help marketers increase their content production without increasing their headcount. We virtually automate the content creation process for you—whether you're creating video content, or SEO blog content—so you can just sit back and watch your content go live. Our content is designed to work while you sleep, targeting your most desired prospects, and converting them into customers. We specialize in creating video and article content quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively. We give marketers time back to focus on the big stuff and get more done.


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March 3rd, 2023

Eight Ways To Use TikTok To Increase Transparency With Your Customers

For businesses, TikTok is a platform with potential beyond participating in the latest dance craze or humorous trend. With over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok is full of potential customers for your brand, and its easy-to-use video-sharing capabilities make it the perfect platform for increasing transparency with your followers and building the trust necessary to attract new consumers. But how should you get started?

January 31st, 2023

Nine Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Often Make With Marketing

One of the first steps entrepreneurs should take after starting their business is getting word out to the public and attracting potential customers via marketing. A customer can’t find and make a purchase from a business unless they first hear about it, and this means marketing should be top of mind for any entrepreneur looking to grow their business.

January 30th, 2023

How to Manage Client Expectations as a New Freelancer

When you're a freelancer, it's crucial to set client expectations upfront to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship. Not setting realistic boundaries and outcomes at the start can lead to critical misunderstandings. Over time, this can lead to burnout or even negatively impact your professional reputation.

January 20th, 2023

10 Tips For Creating SOPs Your Employees Will Actually Reference

Convincing your employees to read through pages of dry policy and procedure—especially on a regular basis—is never the easiest of tasks. While documenting your business processes is important for consistency and clarity, this documentation only becomes valuable if your team members actually reference it.



Contact Studios is how the fastest-growing brands supercharge their marketing with high-converting Ads and SEO content. We help teams scale their marketing without the burden of increasing headcount. Every competent marketer knows that if your brand isn't running high-converting ads or claiming the top spots on Google, you're literally giving away customers to competitors. Lousy ads or infrequent content is a recipe for soaring customer acquisition costs and shrinking profit margins.‍ But for most teams, publishing consistently is a logistical nightmare. Most internal marketing teams don't have the bandwidth to produce video ads or SEO content at the level needed to be competitive. Most agencies are expensive, slow, deliver underwhelming results, and only solve part of your marketing problem. Contact Studios is how high-performing teams produce profitable Social Ads, YouTube Ads, and SEO content— and still have time to focus on the big picture. Publish more. Learn faster. Win more customers. Start publishing high-converting video ads and SEO content like clockwork. Top-tier talent. Totally managed. No hassles.


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