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My passion for building impact DTC businesses can be traced back to my young days. Whether as a Starting my entertainment company in High School or part of the Head of DTC at Q-See., I've been on a entrepreneurial path from the start. The reason? I like getting people excited about the things I'm excited about. Right now, that's Mallama Skincare & Q-See. Outside of the office, I'm committed to charitable causes through 1% Percent for planet and Soon be Pencils with Promises . I’m as looking to challenge myself with new activities and hobbies, recently I picked up Guitar, Surfing, and Improv . If you challenge me to Lakers trivia, I will win. I'm currently trying my hand at [very amateur] podcasting . I live the sweaty life and will probably invite you to join me for a Mediation at the beach or Game of one on one . Connect with me over LinkedIn for networking, career opportunities, and more!

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Your energy levels are a key factor in how productive you are during the day. For an entrepreneur, maintaining high energy levels throughout the workday is necessary for maximum efficiency. But with so many things playing a part in how energetic we feel, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly how best to manage those energy levels for work. To provide some guidance, eight leaders from Young Entrepreneur Council discuss several tips for keeping energy levels high to maintain peak performance and accomplish more in your day. When you feel your energy waning, follow this advice to help you stay on track.

7 Product Design Trends to Watch For in 2021

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2020 brought a plethora of changes to consumer behavior. Many of these changes will serve as inspiration for new product ideas and functions that will help businesses better serve their customers in the year ahead. In many cases, serving customers better begins with great design. This applies not only to the design of physical products, but to the user experience and interface of digital products. To provide their own expert insight, a group of successful entrepreneurs shared some design trends they expect to see in 2021 and why these trends will be so impactful.

Why The Follow-Up Is Everything In Business


Follow-ups ought to be done on a consistent basis. Why? Because you want to build relationships with prospects and ensure they know what your business is all about.

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As an entrepreneur, it’s important to keep an eye on your competition and find ways to set yourself apart from others in your industry. Especially in a saturated market, it's vital to stand out with a strong personal brand. To achieve this, you’ll want to define what makes you and your brand unique. If you’re looking to do this right, follow this advice from the members of Young Entrepreneur Council, who shared eight key steps to take when trying to hone in on your niche.

20 Innovative Apps Ideal for Managing a Team Remotely

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These 20 entrepreneurs discuss the best features for remote management of a displaced workforce. Remote working isn't anything new. Many businesses have been leveraging the power of remote workers for years. Industries have replaced onboard hires with freelance workers who operate from anywhere globally, where they can have an uninterrupted internet connection. But with this year’s shift toward an almost entirely displaced workforce, many businesses are struggling to find the best strategies and tools for managing a fully remote team. Industries around the world have grappled with a change in the status quo before. Those businesses that had managers able to adapt to these changes were the ones that survived. With change on this scale, it's impossible to keep holding onto the traditional way of interacting with employees. The office has changed, and managers need to change with it or be replaced by those that do. Typically, upper management develops techniques that they can use in person-to-person interactions. As global offices have moved online, many of those techniques no longer work. As a result, managers are frantically searching for the right technology solutions that can allow them to run a virtual office with the same efficiency as a physical one. To help, 20 members of YEC discuss the innovative software they use to interact and manage their teams and why it's suitable for any company facing the challenges of a displaced workforce.

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Mallama exists solely to make skincare more seamless and more enjoyable for today’s generation of men. Every decision that we make has our customers in mind because our team of skincare professionals not only love our products, but they love giving back to others as well, which is why we’ve made sustainability part of our efforts. Each and every day, our skincare professionals work to craft natural skincare solutions that leverage the power of safe, natural, Earth-found ingredients to bring our customers the experience that they deserve. Our formulas are 100% natural, free of toxins and parabens, and specifically designed to make our customers not only feel good but look good too. With more products and subscriptions planned for the future, this is merely just the beginning.


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