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Riccardo Conte is a serial entrepreneur with love for technology, innovation, and wine. Riccardo started to work in his father's IT company in Italy, at the age of 18, where he had the opportunity build the fundamentals for his business education. Covering different roles from software development to system engineer he had a chance to understand the business and when, after two years, he moved to the marketing and business development, he was able to make the company profitable. With a first exit at the age of 27 he immediately moved to create something bigger with his first merge, giving birth to a Value-added IT Solution Provider. He was also the investor of all his companies because he believes that there is not better investor than the founder itself. Last adventure is Virtus Flow, a DPA - Digital Process Automation platform that helps every business to streamline work saving up to 80% of the time. Virtus Flow, an US-based company, has conquered already many enterprise businesses in different industries from Banks to Healthcare, from Manufacturers to Consulting companies. Riccardo is passionate about helping others take action on their ideas, and he's always open to share experiences and to give help to other entrepreneurs. When Riccardo is not traveling, you can find him enjoying good food and wine with friends or volunteering.

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How To Negotiate Your Salary (According To These Successful Business Leaders)

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As inflation continues to take its toll on the economy, many professionals are looking for ways to increase their income. While some may choose to take their talents elsewhere and seek a higher-paying job, or even add on to their workload by taking on a potentially lucrative side hustle, others are content with their current career of choice and would rather earn their bump in pay another way: a raise.  However, unlike applying for a new position at another company, the path to achieving a salary increase at your current job may not feel as clear. That’s why we asked nine members of Young Entrepreneur Council to share their best tips for how to successfully negotiate a salary increase and why doing so can help you get the increase in pay you deserve.

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While any aspiring entrepreneur hopes to achieve success right away, one difficult truth many now-successful entrepreneurs cite is that the road to successful entrepreneurship is often paved with failure. From poor ideas to failed launches to repeated rejections, failure can crop up in numerous ways throughout a business leader’s career, no matter how experienced or knowledgable they are. However, even understanding that failure is part of the journey won’t necessarily make it an easy path to follow, making maintaining a positive perspective in the face of rejection and adversity a difficult task. To offer their guidance, nine members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss their best advice for maintaining the right mindset while on your entrepreneurial journey and how doing so will catapult you toward success.

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As leaders of their respective companies, CEOs are naturally very busy, so often it can make sense to outsource tasks to a virtual assistant, or VA. From simple yet time-consuming tasks like scheduling meetings and managing emails to more involved tasks such as research and report preparation, VAs can help CEOs gain back a significant amount of time during their workday, allowing them to turn their focus back to vital decision-making and operational tasks. But not every task a CEO may have on their to-do list each day can be assigned to someone else, so what are the tasks best suited for a virtual assistant? Here, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council weigh in with 10 tasks they recommend CEOs outsource to VAs and why doing so will save them so much time.

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As a member of the executive team, a COO—or chief operating officer—is a key leadership position responsible for the overall daily operations of a business, ensuring long-term goals are met with everyday tasks and initiatives. Because the COO has a hand in nearly every department of the company, selecting the right one could be the difference between a major business failure and a major success.  How, then, can companies ensure they’re recruiting and hiring the best candidates for such an important role? The members of Young Entrepreneur Council break down the answer below by sharing nine tactical steps business leaders can take to ensure they hire the best COO for their team.

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Obtaining more than one investor for your business can be a significant help when trying to finance all your endeavors. However, with more investors also comes more opinions, and not all your investors will be on the same page all of the time. This means finding ways to keep your investors happy, even when their opinions differ, is crucial to ensuring your business keeps running smoothly. But what’s the best way to do this? How can you avoid arguments or bad feelings when disputes occur? Below, 10 members of Young Entrepreneur Council share their insights as business leaders and offer their top tips for ensuring your investors are involved, happy and feel their opinions are being heard.

How To Be Successful With Your Global Recruiting Efforts

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With the popularity of remote work today, companies are able to look for talent regardless of geographical location. But while this means access to a larger talent pool with varying skill sets, it also means navigating the legalities of hiring outside your home country and incorporating various cultures into your own unified company culture.  While this can be a tricky task to get right, with the right tools and tips, you can successfully expand your hiring to international applicants. To help, eight business leaders from Young Entrepreneur Council discuss the tips they would give companies for how to be successful with their global recruiting efforts as well as how this might differ from traditional, location-based recruiting. 

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Virtus Flow

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Virtus Flow is a no-code digital process automation software that uses Intelligent Automation to help companies around the world to be more efficient and organized. We designed a new way to work helping companies to save up to 80% of their time from repetitive task and different platforms. We designed more than 50+ seamless templates for smart forms and workflows that you can customize with a click. We also provide out-of-the-box apps to streamline your processes for Customer Onboarding, Ticketing, Case and Project Management. US based with distributors and partners around the globe, Virtus Flow is a new leader in the Digital Transformation world.


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Digital Process Automation
Digital Transformation
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