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Blue Balloon Songwriting for Small People

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Rachel started out as a guitarist and songwriter working as a preschool teacher at Saint Ann's School in Brooklyn Heights. and organically grew Blue Balloon from the ground up. What began as a one woman music “school” in Rachel’s one room studio apartment, has grown into what Blue Balloon is today: a network of 60+ amazing and talented independent teachers, teaching over 400 students a week on many different instruments in NYC, The Hamptons and Nashville. Rachel is an accomplished educator, a prolific songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, has toured in Europe and the UK, and recorded twice at BBC Radio One in London. Rachel lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn with her husband, two small boys and their Border Collie mix, Finn.


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Blue Balloon Songwriting for Small People

Blue Balloon teaches in-home private and small group instrument lessons through songwriting to kids and adults 3 and up in NYC, The Hamptons and Nashville. Our students create fantastically smart, beautiful songs, while learning how to play an instrument.


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