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Rachel Beider is an entrepreneur, educator, speaker, and mentor. Rachel is the proud owner of PRESS Modern Massage, an award winning group of clinical massage studios. She has made her career about empowering women to start and grow their own practices, via her company Wellness Business Consulting. Rachel's businesses have been featured in the Wall St. Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, ABC News, Refinery29, and US News & World Report.


November 4th, 2021

10 Essential Leadership Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Continually Hone

For most entrepreneurs, the early days of their business entail doing most of the day-to-day work themselves. However, as your business grows, so will your need to hire and effectively manage others. Expanding your team requires you to hone your leadership skills, as well as a strategic vision to keep your team on track.

October 7th, 2021

12 Strategies to Ensure Your Content Ideas Are New, Fresh and Creative

When you want your business to stand out online, it's crucial to have a never-ending supply of new and creative ideas. Sometimes new ideas come naturally, but every business owner or entrepreneur will go through times when the creative juices aren't flowing when they need them to the most. 

September 15th, 2021

Nine Entrepreneurs Share Their Most Important Responsibilities As Business Leaders

Business leaders have a lot of responsibilities. They need to be concerned with operations, finances, company culture and the hiring process, just to name a few. But each leader prioritizes responsibilities differently and responsibilities change from company to company.

August 17th, 2021

Nine Entrepreneurs Share The Biggest Hiring Challenges They've Ever Faced

The process of hiring new employees can be both rewarding and difficult. Hiring managers or HR representatives need to make sure each candidate not only fits into the company culture and values, but also can do the job successfully.


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PRESS Modern Massage is a three location (and growing!) company offering the best massage of your life, in a warm and relaxing setting. We are an inclusive studio committed to fair-wage, non-discrimination, and ethical practices, believing that Every(body) Deserves a Massage!


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