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Rachel Beider is an entrepreneur, educator, speaker, and mentor. Rachel is the proud owner of PRESS Modern Massage, an award winning group of clinical massage studios. She has made her career about empowering women to start and grow their own practices, via her company Wellness Business Consulting. Rachel's businesses have been featured in the Wall St. Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, ABC News, Refinery29, and US News & World Report.

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Feb 28, 2024

14 Essential Skills Small-Business Leaders Should Master

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Running a small business is similar to a juggling act, where entrepreneurs wear numerous hats to keep the show running smoothly. While adaptability and multitasking are key, there are specific skills that stand out for small-business leaders striving for success. These skills go beyond the basics of entrepreneurship and delve into the intricacies of leadership and management. To discuss these skills, a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) members responded to the following question:

10 Steps Entrepreneurs Wish They'd Taken Before Starting Their Businesses

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Entrepreneurship can be unpredictable by its very nature, making it difficult to fully prepare for this challenging and exciting journey. In the process of starting and growing a business, entrepreneurs learn valuable lessons along the way, later applying them as they move forward in their careers.  Absent of this real-world experience, new and aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from the insights of seasoned pros, leveraging their winning strategies and avoiding common missteps. Below, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council reflect on the actions they wish they'd taken before launching their businesses. From developing a strong network to investing in market research, here is their best advice on how to set your new venture up for success.

Struggling To Hire? 10 Ways Companies Can Impress Candidates During Their Interviews

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Years after the “Great Resignation” turned the job economy upside down, businesses are still feeling the ripple effects today. With many industries struggling to attract employees—and others struggling even more with trying to retain them—some business leaders are desperately looking for solutions to this ongoing problem. One such solution is an overhaul of the interview process. One of the first opportunities businesses have to make a good impression on potential hires, interviews are perfect for highlighting what makes your business so attractive. According to the members of Young Entrepreneur Council, the following 10 strategies can help you create a quality interview experience that will be sure to impress.

10 Steps Every Business Leader Should Take To Jump-Start Their January

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Kicking off the new year as an entrepreneur means taking a step back to lay down a strategic foundation for success. Taking certain pivotal steps can set the stage for a year full of growth, resiliency and accomplishment. But what are the steps that every business leader should take this January to start the new year strong?  Here, 10 Young Entrepreneur Council members explore their top tips for jump-starting your business in the new year. From strategic planning to embracing a growth mindset, follow their advice to propel you toward success in 2024.

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PRESS Modern Massage is a four location (and growing!) company offering the best massage of your life, in a warm and relaxing setting. We are an inclusive studio committed to fair-wage, non-discrimination, and ethical practices, believing that Every(body) Deserves a Massage!


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