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Peter Boyd

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Peter Boyd is a Florida attorney who practiced in the area of intellectual property law. Mr. Boyd has worked on over 1,000 web site projects since 1996. He founded PaperStreet, a web marketing company, during law school when he realized that many firms did not have a web site, or had a poorly designed site.  Mr. Boyd is a jack-of-all-trades and can design the initial web site concepts, incorporate database technology, write custom code, and, of course, manage projects. PaperStreet Web Design assists attorneys with web design, SEO, and internet marketing.


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PaperStreet knows what works for busy lawyers and firms. Founded by a lawyer, for lawyers, we understand - and anticipate - your needs. Our founder and president is an attorney. We have worked on over 1,000 legal internet marketing campaigns and websites. Based in our Fort Lauderdale, Florida office we've created some of the best web designs and have many top ranked SEO and Internet marketing campaigns that generate results. If you are in need of a web design or internet marketing program, give us a call for a free consultation.


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