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Nick is the co-founder of MaintainX. MaintainX is mobile-first work order and procedure digitization software designed to work seamlessly with SMBs and Enterprise alike. We believe business software should be as intuitive and simple to use as consumer software.   Nick started his first company in 2012, a medical device distributorship, after becoming frustrated with the confines of corporate bureaucracy. Nick's company produced more than $1M in revenue year 1. While it isn't his primary focus at the moment, the company is still operating with 15% YOY growth.


September 30th, 2020

11 Unique Strategies for Reaching Out to Generation Z Audiences

With each passing year, demographics change. Where a company's core demographic might have been millennials a few years ago, today it's shifted to Generation Z. Unfortunately, there's a marked difference in values between generations, and businesses need to revamp their marketing strategy to reach out to their newest client base without alienating their other followers.

September 16th, 2020

15 Productivity Tips to Help Entrepreneurs Succeed

Small-business owners realize almost immediately how different their businesses are to run than large corporations. For success, a small business needs to adopt its own strategies that work with limited available resources. Entrepreneurs in this position need to make critical decisions about what approaches they'll take to elements of business growth and development.



We built the fastest mobile-first CMMS on the market which is helping teams streamline PM, work orders and asset management. Our platform enables maintenance teams and desk-less workers to communicate and work more efficiently than ever before.


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