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I am the 28-year-old co-founder of three companies earning a total of more than $XX million per year, started by two fearless college drop-outs who were ready to make their mark on the world (and get off the parental couch). Using everything I learned while operating a recycling center, selling various products and services, hitting up my local vape shop, and watching endless YouTube videos, I joined forces with my friend Nicholas DeNuccio to start our own home-grown business: Propaganda Premium E-Liquid. After hours of experimentation in the kitchen sink and too many pats on the head with a “go home, kid,” we surprised everyone (but ourselves) by turning a profit in our first month. Today Propaganda is a leading, global e-juice maker featuring six distinct high-end collections. We have maintained our sense of entrepreneurial adventure by launching two more “disruptive” companies: HoneyRoot Wellness, premium CBD products at a sweet, affordable price; and Chacos, handmade ice cream tacos in a delicious churro-batter shell.


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Propaganda Premium E-Liquid

Nicholas DeNuccio and Nicholas Bull are the co-founders of three Southern California–based lifestyle businesses. DeNuccio and Bull launched Irvine-based Propaganda Premium E-Liquid in February 2014 with $200 and a clear goal: to become one of the top-selling e-liquid companies in the industry. To get there, they spent hours on research and development creating what is known in the trade as an “all-day vape.” Today, Propaganda offers six distinct e-liquid lines featuring 25 flavors, employs 25 enthusiastic millennials, boasts more than 2 million units sold per year and is available in 5,000+ U.S. retail locations and 40 countries around the globe. HoneyRoot Wellness, founded in 2019, offers the purest-quality CBD products at a sweet, affordable price. HoneyRoot’s tinctures, flower, gummies, and wellness shots aid in relaxation, energy, and a restful night’s sleep without the potentially toxic effects of prescription drugs or OTC medications. Chacos, in Newport Beach, is a dessert lover’s paradise, with ice cream tacos featuring handcrafted ice cream in churro-batter shells.


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