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Nate Corrado

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Nate is the founder of Fleet Advisor, which provides mobile/on-site automotive maintenance services to both fleets and individuals. Nate has experience starting, scaling, and selling fleet maintenance businesses. His passion is to take peoples automotive worry away by providing convenient time saving, and crystal clear service.


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Fleet Advisor

We are Fleet Advisor, a full service automotive maintenance management and service firm specializing in on-site/mobile/at home automotive maintenance and service brokering. Our mission is to take the inefficiencies of the beat down auto maintenance infrastructure and turn them into a crystal clear and time saving machine for customers and shop owners alike. Our evaluation is that if you value your time at more than $26/ hour it doesn't make sense to wait at a shop for services even as simple as an oil change. We are using a network of master mobile technicians to bring the shop to to and schedule more in depth work with pre vetted and available shops in your area. We are your eyes and ears, who know the right questions to ask, to ensure the highest quality service for your ride. For anything from a wash to an engine replacement, our mission is to build your trust to be your first and last call.


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