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Mike Hostetler

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Mike Hostetler is a leader and technologist residing in Chicago, Illinois. He is passionate about Remote Work, Work Operations, Open Source Software, JavaScript and all things Web. He currently works as Director of Engineering at Cars.com, a leading two-sided digital marketplace in the automotive industry. With almost 20 years of technology experience, Mike has worked across many industries including government, energy, telecommunications and publishing. As an Entrepreneur, Mike built a leading JavaScript consultancy which he exited in 2015. Mike contributes extensively to the Open Source community, participating in notable projects such as Drupal and jQuery. Mike is a published co-author of the jQuery Cookbook (O'Reilly, 2009) and speaks widely on technical and business topics. In his spare time, Mike enjoys biking, hiking and snowboarding with his wife and daughters.


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Cars.com™ is a leading two-sided digital automotive marketplace that creates meaningful connections between buyers and sellers.Launched in 1998 and headquartered in Chicago, the company empowers consumers with resources and information to make informed buying decisions around The 4Ps of Automotive MarketingTM: Product, Price, Place and Person, by connecting advertising partners with in-market car shoppers and providing data-driven intelligence to increase inventory turn and gain market share. A pioneer in online automotive classifieds, the company has evolved into one of the largest digital automotive platforms, connecting thousands of local dealers across the country with millions of consumers. Through trusted expert content, on-the-lot mobile features and intelligence, millions of new and used vehicle listings, a comprehensive set of pricing and research tools, and the largest database of consumer reviews in the industry, Cars.com is transforming the car shopping experience.


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