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W. Michael Hsu believes that knowledge transforms lives. One of his life goal is to build a school for kids that don't like school. The idea is to create an environment where young adults can obtain the knowledge and experience they need to excel in their passion. Today, Michael is the founder and CEO of DeepSky, Entrepreneurs' Accounting Department. The company's vision is to help entrepreneurs achieve their aspirations through better insights to their company's vital numbers. During Michael's short stint in the public accounting and consulting world, he discovered that accountants and entrepreneurs for most businesses are not aligned. Too many accountants focus so much on the technicalities of debits and credits that they lost sight of the business purpose of what they do. As such, Michael founded DeepSky with the idea of closing that gap. He built DeepSky as an autonomous accounting department staffed with the right people, ever improving processes, and carefully selected technology that entrepreneurs can opt into. Most importantly, he wanted everything that the department did to be business driven. Never losing sight that the goal is to deliver actionable business insights that will help the company grow.


September 20th, 2021

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September 17th, 2021

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July 22nd, 2021

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Entrepreneur's Accounting Department. DeepSky operates as an autonomous accounting department complete with knowledgeable people, constantly improving processes, and carefully selected technology. The idea is simple: companies opt in to utilize DeepSky as their own in-house accounting department. DeepSky provides all of the moving parts needed. Handling tasks from the day to day accounts payable and receivable to the monthly reporting, vital factor dash boarding, and/or budgeting. DeepSky controllers also act as a sounding board to the entrepreneurs on a regular basis to discuss numbers and business issues. DeepSky's goal is to align the company's accounting with its business operation and then delivering actionable business insights to help the company be even more successful.


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