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Meeky is a Partner and Co-Founder of Ndevr (, which is a technology agency that provides technical strategy & architecture for open solutions for the various digital properties to small to enterprise level companies. Meeky has been involved in development of open source technologies specializing WordPress including WooCommerce site, multi-site, multilingual sites, VIP and platform creation. She is a AWS certified solution architect, and has been a WordPress core contributor, plugin developer and has spoken at various technology conferences.

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10 Essential Habits For A Calmer And More Successful Entrepreneurial Journey

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Entrepreneurship is a thrilling pursuit filled with opportunities, but it can also be a breeding ground for stress and burnout. To thrive in the highly demanding world of entrepreneurship, adopting specific habits is essential for reducing, and even avoiding, stress regularly. Below, Young Entrepreneur Council members explore the significance of cultivating these habits and why they are crucial for every entrepreneur. They also share the practices that not only help entrepreneurs navigate the turbulent waters but that also contribute to their long-term success and well-being.

11 Entrepreneurs Reflect On What They're Most Thankful For In Their Careers

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No entrepreneur’s journey is a smooth one, and business ownership is often a difficult path to take without the right mindset and the help of a community of supporters. Though it can be easy to forget these facts when caught up in the daily grind of running a business, there are certain times of year that call for reflection and gratitude. As business leaders, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council have a lot to be thankful for. With November and the joy of the season serving as the perfect reminder to reflect on just how far they’ve come, here, 11 members each discuss the main thing in their career thus far they are most thankful for and the lesson they’d share with other leaders looking for inspiration this holiday season.

10 Hurdles Companies Are Facing When Implementing AI (And How To Overcome Them)

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New artificial intelligence tools seem to crop up every day—and many businesses are implementing them just as quickly. However, while these tools are meant to make businesses more efficient, that doesn’t mean they don’t also come with their own challenges, especially when it comes to implementing them in the first place. From simply not understanding the technology to gaining customer acceptance and trust, there are numerous struggles leaders are facing while attempting to adopt artificial intelligence into their processes. Here, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss 10 of those hurdles and what they think business leaders can do to overcome them.

Seven Tips These Entrepreneurs Have For Fellow Women Entering The Tech Industry

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Whether it's starting her own tech company or taking on her first tech role as a professional, a woman entering the tech industry can face unique challenges in this traditionally male-dominated field. Not being heard or taken seriously paired with a lack of other women to connect with or look up to can feed into feelings of self-doubt or encourage imposter syndrome—which can ultimately lead women to leaving tech altogether.  In order to succeed, it’s important to stay confident in yourself and your abilities. Below, several women business leaders from Young Entrepreneur Council draw on their own experiences facing adversity to share the advice they'd give to any young woman beginning her career in tech and why.

10 Things Ineffective Teams Do That Hold Them Back From Success

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Putting the right people together—ones who get along, who play off each other’s strengths and who support each other—can be one of the most difficult aspects of being a leader, as getting the formula wrong can be disastrous for team morale and productivity. While some signs, like arguing, can be a clear indicator of an ineffective team, others may not be so easy to spot. To offer some clarity, 10 business leaders from Young Entrepreneur Council each offer up one thing ineffective teams tend to do poorly and what they would suggest they do instead to better their productivity and teamwork. Keep an eye out for these telltale signs that your team may be struggling more than you think.

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While the percentage of women-owned businesses in the United States is quickly approaching nearly half of all U.S. businesses, women in business still face many obstacles their male counterparts may not have to contend with, such as greater difficulties with securing funding and higher rates of workplace discrimination.  As women entrepreneurs themselves, the following members of Young Entrepreneur Council have experienced many of these hurdles and have overcome them in order to achieve success. Here, they each discuss one piece of advice they'd give to any young woman looking to start her own business and why they wish they had heard that advice when they first started out.

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