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Matt Doyle

Founder at Homeowner Hub | VP, Co-Founder at Excel Builders

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Matt Doyle is the Founder of Homeowner Hub, a real estate lead generation and data startup. Matt is also the Vice President and Co-Founder of Excel Builders, a revolutionary company in the construction industry that builds next-generation custom homes, with offices in Maryland and Delaware.


November 4th, 2022

How To Get The Most Value Out Of Great Reviews

Positive reviews are an accomplishment, but they only have power if put to use.

September 16th, 2022

Implementing A New Digital Marketing Strategy? 10 Ways To Help Ensure ROI

As with many aspects of business, implementing a new digital marketing strategy can sometimes feel like a risky endeavor. When you’re new or have limited experience in business ownership, testing out new tactics and investing money in projects and initiatives that may or may not fail can feel like a waste of money and resources.

September 9th, 2022

Back From A Long Vacation? Nine Tips For Getting Back Into Your Work Routine

Every professional needs time off to rest and recharge, but getting back into your work routine after a vacation or extended PTO can be tough—especially if you have lots of messages or tasks to sift through. All too quickly, that relaxed feeling you gained from your time away is replaced with stress and anxiety about all the tasks that urgently need your attention.

August 23rd, 2022

How To Make Remote Relationships With Clients Less Impersonal

Remote communication with your clients doesn’t need to feel impersonal. With some minor changes to your policies, you can build stronger relationships during the time that you have.


Excel Builders

Looking for a custom home construction company you can trust? We’re an open book. Stephen Doyle started Excel Builders as a sister company to Stephen C. Doyle Construction to specialize particularly in energy-efficient building. Our focus at Excel is building the most energy-efficient and high-quality custom homes and commercial buildings that you will find anywhere. Whether it be our SIP, or premium, luxury homes, we have the experience. We don’t only build great houses, we build houses customized exactly to the needs of our clients. When we recommend materials for renovations, we suggest the materials that best match the needs of the project. We always work to maximize the value we offer to our clients, and build exceptional homes. So far, Stephen and the gang have built more than 100.