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CEO of DevriX and a Business Advisor providing business, tech, marketing strategy to SMEs, fast-paced startups, and large publishers generating hundreds of millions of monthly views. My background is in tech, starting as a software engineer in the enterprise space. After going through my freelancing period and co-founding a startup, I switched to an agency consulting model, building a highly efficient team of 50 representing an award-winning top 20 WordPress agency worldwide. I've spent over 8,000 hours in training and consulting across organizations like SAP, VMware, Saudi Aramco, Software AG, CERN. As a WordPress contributor, I've presented at dozens of WordCamps across North America and Europe. On a day-to-day, I manage our crew at DevriX, provide advisory and consulting services to fast-paced startups and agencies, and help business communities and universities with strategic know-how.


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June 6th, 2023

19 Inspiring Podcasts to Boost Your Entrepreneurial Creativity

Being an entrepreneur requires a unique blend of creativity, vision and innovative thinking. To stay ahead in the ever-evolving business landscape, entrepreneurs need constant inspiration and fresh perspectives. Luckily, podcasts have become an invaluable (and readily available) source of knowledge and motivation for ambitious business minds.

June 2nd, 2023

Future-Proof Your Career: 10 Essential Steps For Thriving In An AI-Dominated Workforce

As artificial intelligence continues to revolutionize industries across the globe, it is crucial for young professionals entering the workforce to develop skills that will keep them relevant and adaptable in the face of rapid technological advancements. While the integration of AI may raise concerns about job displacement, it also presents abundant opportunities for those equipped with the right skill sets.

April 21st, 2023

Eight Tips For Balancing Innovation With Stable Profitability In Business

In business, you have those who strive for stability and the peace that comes with knowing you have a steady stream of revenue. There are also those who like to push the envelope and create the next big thing, sometimes taking big risks in order to do so. However, no business owner has to fall on one side or the other. 

April 19th, 2023

10 Sales Lessons That Have Stuck With These Entrepreneurs Over The Years

After many years of being a business leader, and after all the lessons learned and experiences had, sometimes there are those lessons that just stick with you throughout your career. These lessons often shape the way you run your business and make decisions on both a day-to-day and long-term basis. 



DevriX is a distributed agency offering retainer-based partnerships for SMEs, fast-paced startups, and high-traffic publishers. A team of 50 mixing business and growth strategy with rock solid WordPress development and reliable maintenance. DevriX is among the top 20 WordPress agencies worldwide, working with enterprises like Audi, banks, telecoms; scaling publishers to hundreds of millions of monthly views, building robust marketing automation stacks and CRMs. We employ 7 WordPress Core contributors who have patched the core platform over the span of a dozen releases.


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