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Maksym Babych

CEO, FounderSpdLoad

Ukrainka, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine, 08720

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● WHAT I DO: I help startups and growing companies to better execute their business strategies and automate business processes by providing custom software development, targeted technical support, and IT consulting. ● HOW I DO IT: I am the CEO of SpdLoad, a business solutions firm that builds timely and cost-effective business solutions. Our strong Scrum team of web developers, Business Analytics and Product Owners are ready to tackle your projects. ● WHO I WORK WITH: CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, and key decision makers of: • Companies looking to create new products and features whose IT teams are at capacity • Startups who just started their way • Companies struggling to find qualified IT manpower • CTOs with big goals and limited budgets • Companies with short-term IT needs

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Eight Points You'll Need To Know Before Hiring Internationally

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With growth in the global economy and advancements in remote work, more and more companies are recruiting from a global talent pool. However, hiring internationally may not be as straightforward as hiring from within your own country. In order to do it right, you’ll need to consider a number of factors before moving forward, including the hours your team will work and what type of culture you’ll need to create. Here, eight members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss these factors and more as they share their insights on what all business leaders need to know about hiring internationally and why. Be sure to consider their advice to give your new team the best chance at success.

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When it comes to building a healthy working relationship with your employees, trust is essential. However, building trust takes time, and for new employees, it can be even more challenging. As a manager, you want to establish trust with your new hires as quickly as possible to set the stage for a positive and productive working relationship. Fortunately, there are practical steps you can take to build trust with your new employees from day one. From establishing clear expectations to showing empathy and support, these strategies can help you create a culture of trust and respect that can benefit your team and your organization. To help, Young Entrepreneur Council members share their best tips for quickly establishing trust.


If you are a startup founder, tech executive, serial entrepreneur or budding investor, then I believe I have the answer as to the crux of a successful startup idea.

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When it comes to finding funding for a new business, aspiring entrepreneurs have a wealth of options to select from—from completely bootstrapping the business themselves to bringing on investors who can act as business partners in addition to providing funds, to everything else in between. The trouble doesn’t necessarily lie in the lack of opportunities but instead in weighing the pros and cons of each and choosing the right one for you and your business. To help provide some clarity, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss some of the more common funding sources for startups, what disadvantages they see in them and what they personally recommend you consider instead. Consider their points of view to help determine the best course of action for your business.

6 Hidden Costs of Starting and Running a Business 


For your business or startup to thrive, it’s important to understand your costs before launch.

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Though it’s just one of the many duties managers have, ensuring their teams are healthy, strong and efficient is perhaps one of the most important. Strong teams are able to work together effectively to solve problems and brainstorm creative ideas. They can tackle any problem that comes their way, and they are able to strive for greatness without succumbing to burnout.  But no team becomes this way by accident. A strong team requires a strong manager to lead it. To that end, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss eight steps managers should be taking on a regular basis to ensure their teams are healthy, strong and efficient—as well as how these steps will help them work together better in the long run.

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SpdLoad 🚀 Startup studio The team concentrates especially on development startups from scratch (mostly SaaS and marketplace) We've been delivering complex Web Applications and Mobile Apps for Startups. Focus on the full-lifecycle expertise: - business analysis - marketing research - development - support after launch Our Technology Stack Laravel React.js Vue.js React Native Machine Learning and AI Each of the professionals of our team, just like the whole company in general, is self-determined and improve themselves.


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