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As Founder and CEO of LogicPrep and a leading College Admissions Advisor, Lindsay helps students around the world maximize their potential, tell their stories, and identify their best-fit schools. Over the past decade, she and her team have helped thousands of families successfully navigate the standardized testing and college application landscape.   Lindsay’s writing has been featured in publications including Forbes, Inc. and The Huffington Post. She's also the Founder & President of the Jesse Kolber Foundation which provides both access to and financing for college to highly achieving students who have demonstrated resilience, financial need, and a commitment to academic excellence. Lindsay earned her BA from Harvard University in English (Cum Laude) with a minor in Spanish Language & Literature.

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When team members get along, they communicate better, trust each other more, and work together more effectively. But how can leaders encourage this camaraderie and bonding, especially when budgets are tight? Here, a group of Young Entrepreneur Council members share some low-cost ways leaders can foster a sense of community and connectedness among their teams.

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While the way a first meeting goes may not always make or break a deal, putting your best foot forward is much more likely to lead to a good result—especially when it comes to a potential new business partner or client. The first impression you make could set the tone for your whole relationship, which means it’s vitally important to strive for a positive one. To help you do this, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council offer nine of their top tips for ensuring you make a great first impression with a potential partner or client, and explain why using these methods will be so beneficial for the future of the relationship.

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As a business leader, you can sometimes make hundreds—maybe even thousands—of decisions a day. When you first start your business, the decisions you make then can often have a real impact on the way your business will function in the future, even if it seemed trivial or unimportant at the time.  As entrepreneurs themselves, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council have certainly made their fair share of decisions, and below, they each share one important decision they made during the first few years of their company that impacted the way it functions today, as well as the important lessons other business owners can learn from these experiences.

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Few customers actually enjoy being sold to, yet companies still have to be able to sell their products or services in order to survive. The trick comes in finding the balance between pitching your product and fulfilling the needs of your customers. If you find yourself unsure of how to get started, however, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council have a few essential tips. Here, they share their advice for how to balance both the need to sell and the customer's desire not to be sold to when creating marketing content and why doing so will be the key to your business’s success.

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When you're feeling burned out or overwhelmed with the constant struggle to balance work and life, it can often feel like you don’t have any time to dedicate to self-care or getting yourself back on track. However, you don’t necessarily need an hour of meditation or a long workout to get your mind in a better state. Often, five minutes of intention is just the right amount of time to get you the motivation you need to push forward. Here, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council share 10 of their favorite quick, five-minute-or-less tactics anyone can use to banish overwhelm and achieve a better mental state.

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Defining what makes your business unique is one of the most important tasks you can do to help answer the question of why customers should buy from you. Without a differentiating factor separating you and your competition, you ultimately give customers no reason to choose your business over another—which isn’t a helpful strategy when looking to grow your company. But if you’re new to business or haven’t considered your brand’s niche before, how do you go about determining it? The members of Young Entrepreneur Council can help. Below, they offer up 10 questions you can ask yourself that will help you define what is unique and different about your brand and explain why these are such effective questions to ask.

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At LogicPrep, we are a mind gym – an intellectual but highly sociable team of tutors, mentors and coaches to students. In plain terms, we are a radically different brand of college test prep (SAT/ACT/Subject Tests/APs) and advising that makes the student – the whole student – our priority, and creates an entrepreneurial, intellectually curious, joyous, and compassionate environment for learning and self-discovery. This tone is set by our brain trust of tutors and advisers, whose EQs are just as high as their IQs. Through one-on-one support, they help students appreciate all forms of intelligence, become the best version of themselves, and get into colleges where they will thrive, not just as scholars but as human beings.


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