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Liam works in order to give back and create a stronger community. He has a deep background in management, real estate, finance and loves being able to help others while being able to take care of his family and employees along the way. He embraces getting outside to explore the Pacific Northwest with his wife Rachel. When he’s not hiking or snowshoeing he can be found on the soccer fields where he is a top-level referee. ​Liam has a B.A. in Economics from Yale University and an MBA from UCLA Anderson with a concentration in International Management and Finance.


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January 11th, 2023

Nine Tips To Help Introverted Entrepreneurs Tackle PR Confidently And Successfully

For an introverted or shy entrepreneur, public relations may not be a favorite activity—but it's a necessary one. Without good PR, you can’t get a positive message out about your company or connect effectively with potential stakeholders, both of which are vital to growing your business. 

January 3rd, 2023

Feeling Distracted? 10 Tricks For Getting Your Focus Back On Track

If you find yourself distracted, wasting precious time and unable to focus on your tasks, it’s likely you’re not being as productive at work as you’d like. Whether it’s common distractions found around the in-office or at-home workplaces, or even mental distractions and intrusive thoughts blocking you from doing your best work, it’s easy to lose sight of the task at hand when you’re always battling against one stimulus or another.

October 6th, 2022

Looking For A Board Advisor? Eight Traits That Make Up A Quality Candidate

An advisory board can be a helpful resource for a business at any stage of growth. Whether you're launching a brand-new startup or looking to exit after a period of successful growth, getting advice from experienced leaders in your industry can help you reach your goals in the most efficient and well-planned way.

October 5th, 2022

12 Entrepreneurs Share What Inspires Them To Be Better Leaders

While some people may be naturally inclined toward leadership roles, no one is born a perfect leader. The ability to inspire, motivate and guide a team of people is built up over time, and no matter how many managerial positions someone has held, there's always more to learn.



LIONSCOVE has 30+ years of industry experience as the owners and principals of independent residential and commercial mortgage banks. LIONSCOVE is an expert in real estate transactions from origination to servicing as has overseen the funding of $5+ billion across all types of originations (Freddie, Fannie, Ginnie, Private Finance) that has led to consistent returns every year. LIONSCOVE is known in the industry for providing exemplary client service through its hands-on approach and work ethic.


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