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Leila Lewis is the CEO and founder of The Inspired Group - A collection of brands that aspire to create real impact for others. Be Inspired PR, Inspired by This, and The Social Remodel all serve a unique niche and exist to tell the stories of others in a new way. Leila founded Be Inspired PR in 2007 as the first ever wedding PR and social media agency. After recognizing a gap between the industry’s talent and the media coverage spotlighting those businesses, she knew that there was a need for someone to share those stories. Since then, Be Inspired PR has become the leading wedding public relations agency for brands and business owners in the wedding industry. Their team specializes in strategic press placements, social media management, and experiential marketing for wedding industry brands. Leila also serves as the editor-in-chief of Inspired by This - A digital lifestyle blog that serves beautiful content to readers in any stage of life. From bridal showers and weddings to nursery must-haves and inspiring interiors, Inspired by This is an inclusive site that focuses on spotlighting creators and experts in their spaces. Most recently, in 2020, Leila founded The Social Remodel as a place for commercial and residential real estate agents, home stagers, and interior designers to build their personal brands and up-level their real estate social media marketing efforts. Leila is a passionate advocate and business coach for creative businesses and female founders, and is a frequent speaker and media expert on the wedding industry, social media marketing, and working motherhood.


December 16th, 2022

Eight Ways Startup Leaders Can Ensure Their Small Teams Have The Support They Need

When you’re a small team, every employee plays a key role in the business. From marketing efforts to sales to operations, each aspect of the business needs a full team effort in order to get off the ground—and that can often mean team members work beyond the scope of the roles which they were hired for. 

December 6th, 2022

Eight Entrepreneurs Discuss The Obstacles They Never Anticipated When They First Started

When you decide to become an entrepreneur, there are certain obstacles you know you’re going to have to face—obtaining funding, advertising your business or making that first sale. However, there are often many more obstacles you won’t be prepared for or didn’t even realize would happen.

October 18th, 2022

Eight Signs A Job Candidate Is Portraying Their Authentic Self

September 19th, 2022

Six Entrepreneur-Recommended Tips For Achieving A Creative Flow State

Innovation is often a key driver for long-term business success, but in order to properly innovate, you have to get creative first. A creative flow state, or any length or period of time during which a professional can think and create uninterrupted by distractions or intrusive thoughts, can be beneficial to those aiming to generate quality ideas in less time—but getting into this state isn’t always the most straightforward task.


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Our expertise lies in helping businesses and brands increase visibility, build brand awareness and emerge as a leader in their market. Our agency approaches each client with a tailored strategy designed to help them reach new levels of success through social campaigns, events, and targeted media relations and placements. With our team located throughout the United States, including our headquarters in Los Angeles, as well as Seattle, Denver, San Diego and New York, we are able to have a wide reach in communicating your brand story via the most important regional and national media and social influencers. We work on a variety of projects for our clients, some of which include: print, online and TV press pitches, photo shoot collaborations, branding, event management, social media training and management, partnership negotiation and advising on advertisement opportunities, among others.


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