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Leila Lewis is the CEO and founder of The Inspired Group - A collection of brands that aspire to create real impact for others. Be Inspired PR, Inspired by This, and The Social Remodel all serve a unique niche and exist to tell the stories of others in a new way. Leila founded Be Inspired PR in 2007 as the first ever wedding PR and social media agency. After recognizing a gap between the industry’s talent and the media coverage spotlighting those businesses, she knew that there was a need for someone to share those stories. Since then, Be Inspired PR has become the leading wedding public relations agency for brands and business owners in the wedding industry. Their team specializes in strategic press placements, social media management, and experiential marketing for wedding industry brands. Leila also serves as the editor-in-chief of Inspired by This - A digital lifestyle blog that serves beautiful content to readers in any stage of life. From bridal showers and weddings to nursery must-haves and inspiring interiors, Inspired by This is an inclusive site that focuses on spotlighting creators and experts in their spaces. Most recently, in 2020, Leila founded The Social Remodel as a place for commercial and residential real estate agents, home stagers, and interior designers to build their personal brands and up-level their real estate social media marketing efforts. Leila is a passionate advocate and business coach for creative businesses and female founders, and is a frequent speaker and media expert on the wedding industry, social media marketing, and working motherhood.

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11 Roadblocks To Success Many Entrepreneurs Are Facing Today

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The business world is very different from what it was even just a decade ago. While many business best practices and principles remain the same, the roadblocks and problems entrepreneurs face are not. With major advancements in technology to a cultural shift toward online shopping, the landscape is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate, and many business owners are struggling to adapt. As business leaders themselves, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council have experienced—and are still experiencing—many of these same roadblocks. Here, they outline a number of common issues entrepreneurs are facing today and what they see as good solutions to overcoming them.

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Getting promoted or moving into a new role at your company can be a difficult path to take if you’re not sure how to get there. While you may feel you’re ready for such a change, you may still need certifications, new skills or more experience that can give you the resume you need to take on this new role. Rather than guessing what further qualifications you may need, it can be helpful to reach out to your manager first. By asking the right questions and starting the right conversations, you can learn a lot about what problems your company faces and what you can do to help tackle them. To help get you started, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council each offer one question they believe you should ask your manager if you're looking to both improve in your current role and advance in your company and career.

Eight Ways To Make Your 'Woman-Owned' Business A Powerful Part Of Your Brand Identity

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When you start a business as a female entrepreneur, one of your greatest assets is the fact that you are a woman-owned business. Statistics have shown that nearly a third of the general population prioritizes shopping from women-owned businesses consistently. Making the fact that you are a woman-owned business a powerful part of your brand identity not only will help you grow a loyal customer base, but it will also help you connect with your customers on the very issues and causes they care most about. But how can you make this part of your story stand out? Is an “About Me” page on your website enough? Here to share their insights, eight female entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council offer their best tips for making your “woman-owned” status a powerful part of your brand and the actions you can take to communicate your story with the business world at large.

Nine Signs You Need Better Work-Life Balance (And How To Get It)

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While it’s important to find balance throughout the year, the summer months are a great reminder to make more time for fun activities and personal or family time outside of work. A determined focus on one’s career or budding business can be necessary to achieve your goals and grow as a professional, but if left unchecked, it can also leave you feeling unbalanced, tired, stressed and like you’re missing out on precious time with your loved ones. If you think you may be letting your work life get in the way of your personal one, consider these other signs of overwork, as listed by the members of Young Entrepreneur Council. Here, they discuss these red flags as well as what you can do to finally achieve work-life balance.

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When it comes to hiring someone for their team, nearly every employer likely already has an image of their ideal candidate in mind. Whether it’s someone who isn’t afraid to push the envelope or someone who is reliable, trustworthy and gets their work done on time, the “ideal” hire can vary from employer to employer, sometimes making it difficult for potential candidates to know what qualities they should emphasize in their application. To provide a little bit of guidance, business leaders from Young Entrepreneur Council list 11 words they’d use to describe their ideal employees and explain what it is about those specific characteristics that makes someone such a great hire.

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Leila Lewis is the CEO and founder of Be Inspired PR, an expert on the business of weddings, social media growth, press placements, experiential events, and a mother of 4. She is also the EIC of digital lifestyle platform Chances are if you read a story or ogled a dreamy picture of a wedding in a magazine or on social media over the last decade – it’s because Be Inspired PR made it happen. In 2007, after an early career in weddings and events, I launched the world’s first full-service PR company for the wedding industry, Be Inspired PR, when I recognized the gap between the industry’s dazzling talent and media coverage spotlighting those businesses. Be Inspired PR pioneered the explosion of media interest in wedding creatives, names and brands which helped grow weddings into a $60B industry. Fast forward 15 years: my companies have a social reach of 13M+ each month, we’ve expanded our footprint beyond weddings to include real estate marketing, wellness and social impact clients, and now partner with Fortune 100 (as well as emerging brands and industry leaders) to offer strategic PR, branded social content, brand partnerships, and experiential marketing services. Clients including Mindy Weiss, Target, Minted, Bed Bath & Beyond partner with us to bring visibility to the moments that give life meaning -- we are known for delighting customers, winning raving fans, being ever-in-the-know, on-trend and uber-connected to the makers and shakers that lead the wedding, wellness and lifestyle industries. In addition, as someone with experience working with realtors both personally and professionally, I saw a huge disparity between successful real estate agents and their digital footprint. In 2020, I founded The Social Remodel as a place for commercial and residential real estate agents, home stagers, and interior designers to build their personal brands and up-level their social media marketing efforts. I'm a passionate advocate and business coach for creative businesses and female founders and a frequent speaker and media expert on weddings, the business of weddings, social media, and working motherhood.


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