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Laura Egocheaga is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Viral Growth Media, a Growth Hacking, Performance Based Digital Agency helping coaches, consultants & thought-leader clients create profitable, scalable acquisition and operation systems across the United States, Canada & Australia. Laura started learning her craft while still in high school and running her first business which was a branch of affiliate marketing as a side hustle. After making her first $20k in 6 months in 2011 she knew there was something bigger to this thing called "The Internet"... Now she is the owner & operator of a digital marketing agency that provides their clients with a "customer on-demand" systems. Laura has spent 15 million dollars profitably on Facebook in the last 2 years alone with a return of 85 million in sales for clients. Laura published the best selling book called “The Small Business Guide to Social Media Marketing” Laura is one of the most sought-after Facebook Ads Expert alive today. She is a crypto/blockchain enthusiast, author, and an early investor in crypto and NFTs


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December 22nd, 2021

Seven Solid Ways Leaders Can Support HR When Employee Turnover Is High

As many professionals continue to leave their jobs in favor of new ones, employee turnover has been steadily rising, meaning many HR professionals have been working harder than normal. Whether that means fielding more applications, serving as a mediator when letting go of an employee or listening to burned out employees vent about their working conditions, HR teams often take the brunt of the emotional work at many establishments.

February 4th, 2021

Nine Techniques For Structuring A More Productive Workday

Entrepreneurs typically have long, nonstandard workdays, with some even working more than 15 hours at a time. Yet even though they may be spending all this time working on their business, there's no guarantee that their days are truly as productive as they could be.

January 28th, 2021

Don't Like Your Colleague? 14 Tips to Develop a More Positive Working Relationship

January 26th, 2021

11 Tips to Make Your Sponsored Social Media Posts Stand Out


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Viral Growth Media Creates Predictable, Scalable, Profitable Leads And Sales For The Clients They Serve. They are a growth agency driven by performance and ROI. Their battle-tested game plan is core to ensuring success. Run by Laura Egocheaga, author of the best selling book called “The Small Business Guide to Social Media Marketing”. Viral Growth Media has spent 10 million dollars profitably on Facebook in the last 2 years alone with a return of 75 million in sales for clients.


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