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Kyle Michaud

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Carolina Dozer

Charlotte, North Carolina Area

Kyle is the founder and owner of Carolina Dozer, an excavation company based in North Carolina. He believes that while development is inevitable, doing it in an eco-friendly manner is not. To this end, Carolina Dozer uses late model, more fuel efficient and less polluting equipment to serve their corporate, municipal, and individual clients.


January 9th, 2023

How to Tell if Your Product or Service Isn't Working for Your Customers

When your business rolls out a new product or service, you and your team hope that it's effective and meets the needs of your customer base. Unfortunately, there are instances where that product or service simply isn't working as intended for your buyers — and it's up to you as a business leader to determine whether this is the case.

December 7th, 2022

Family And Friends Investing In Your Business? Nine Tips To Keep Things Cordial

Making your investors happy can always be a tricky task, but the situation can grow even more complex when your investors are your friends and family. Those new to entrepreneurship may not have the experience or opportunities necessary to seek out investments from traditional investors, which means they may turn to their loved ones to help them fund their dreams. While this is certainly a viable solution, it’s not without its risks to your relationships.

November 1st, 2022

How To Go Beyond The Good Review With Your Customer Relations

Love them or hate them, online customer reviews can make or break your business’s reputation.

October 28th, 2022

Eight Effective Ways To Develop Employees Into Future Business Leaders

Whether they intend to promote them internally or simply want what's best for their careers, many business leaders make it a priority to develop their employees into leaders themselves. Doing so not only helps ensure the company has high-quality talent to run it, but it also ensures employee happiness as they see their leader caring for their personal and professional development.


Carolina Dozer

Our founder Kyle Michaud believes in order to build and sustain a successful excavation company, you need to invest in the right people, as well as the right equipment. Today, Carolina Dozer owns and operates one of the largest equipment fleets in the region. And to keep that fleet in peak operating condition we’ve made the same investment in our maintenance and facilities. So, when you see a piece of Carolina Dozer equipment on site, you know it’s ready to move some dirt!