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Kyle is the Founder and CEO of, an online retailer of natural dog treats and chews. Kyle became passionate about eCommerce early on and founded his first eBay store at the age 16, using the proceeds to fund his education. While attending the University of Southern California, Kyle earned his Master’s Degree in Engineering Management and Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering with an emphasis in Information Systems and Operations Management. Prior to founding, Kyle worked for Monster and Ubisoft where he developed and implemented promotional marketing strategies in both the physical and digital space. He also worked to create supply chain solutions for Target’s Southern California market. In 2014, Kyle left his career in engineering looking to combine his passion for both animals and eCommerce, and was born. sources premium ingredients providing pet owners the healthiest most affordable pet products available on the web.


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Pets are our passion! Here at we provide a premier e-commerce website with the best in bully sticks, dog treats, dog bones, and more. We are a company of like-minded individuals with one goal—providing our fellow dog lovers a website with high quality, safe and reasonably priced dog products. Above all else, we strive to keep your dog happy and healthy while supplying a fun and intuitive shopping experience.


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