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I actively manage AK Multinational. We are a wholesaler of IT products. We are direct partners with HP, Dell and Lenovo. We have our own brand, Cursor, where we manufacture high quality UPS that are supplied to various countries in Africa as well as the Middle East. Cursor has also expanded its reach to cables and USB C accessories as well. We are equally diversified into the Real Estate Industry. I actively manage 3 franchised hotels in the North East Market, House Flipping business and Car Wholesale Business.

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Whether your business is still just an idea or you're in the research phase, it's never too early to think about determining market need. It's essential to figure out what consumers need from your product and pinpoint a target audience. However, there are many ways to effectively determine market need for your particular product or service. To help you do this, eight members of Young Entrepreneur Council explain some specific strategies for uncovering the need for your idea. Follow their recommended tips to complete this essential part of your business research.

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AK Multinational LLC

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AK Multinational is an IT wholesale company. We are direct partners with HP, Dell, Lenovo among others. We have our own brand, "Cursor," that manufactures high quality Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and distributes in many countries in Africa.


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