Kevin Xu

Mebo International


Los Angeles, CA


Kevin Xu, born in 1988, graduated from USC in 2010 with a BA in neuroscience. He is the CEO of MEBO-international, a California and Beijing based intellectual property management company that focuses on the exploitation and management of the unlimited value of intangible assets regarding in situ regeneration in applied medical and health promotion systems (human body regenerative restoration science) in over 73 countries and hospital network worldwide, which seeks to open a whole new era of bio-economy.


MEBO International is a United States corporation, which was founded by Dr. Rongxiang Xu in 2001. We are the exclusive company worldwide to manage and operate intellectual property under the ownership of Dr. Xu, which includes scientific research results, patents, copyrights, trademarks and publications. We specialize in human body regenerative and restoration science and are exclusively responsible for the international representation and education of the science. In addition, we are the international management center for monitoring the global progress of the science and directing all of the authentic MEBO affiliations worldwide.


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