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Hi I'm Kevin. I believe that the only things worth doing take generations. I love helping others and I want to maximize my impact. My skills are in software development, and my passion is in marketing. My hobbies are Magic : the Gathering, rock climbing, and DoTA. My personality is that I'm really easy-going and helpful. I really like helping and supporting others, and facilitating teamwork. I'm outgoing but I'm not very assertive. I generally get along with everyone. In conflict I tend to put others' needs above my own, which I've seen can lead to a lot of problems, in business, and in personal life. I'm trying hard to work on being able to be slightly more selfish and slightly more assertive. I'm also very competitive, but also somewhat lazy at the same time, if that makes sense. I was born here in the US, and I went to high school at Illinois Math and Science Academy (a public boarding school in Aurora IL). I graduated from Duke with a bachelors in biomedical engineering in 2011. I worked as a software developer for IMC Financial Markets, a high frequency trading firm, in 2011 and 2012. Then I worked for Groupon's personalization and SmartDeals team in 2013 and 2014. Then I spent a few months making the website to sell this weird product my mom invented that helps older women with vaginal dryness, and I set up some Adwords accounts and forgot about it. Then I worked for Cancer IQ as a full-time software developer for a few years and lo-and-behold NeuEve has taken off! A month ago I quit my job at Cancer IQ to focus on NeuEve full time, and dedicating my time to learning more about business, marketing, finance, gynecology, and drug development R&D.


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NeuEve performs R&D, manufacturing and marketing for all-natural therapeutic remedies.