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I've been working in Advertising for 11+ years. I started in New York at some of the biggest agencies then moved to Seattle where I continued to work at big agencies for big clients. There's a powerful swing in agencies where you're either highly respected or treated as disposable, especially as a lowly assistant. At my second agency I was an assistant who worked directly under the VP and owned a $10MM+ account. I worked 12+ hour days and was exhausted. In 2011 I started a digital marketing agency where I wanted to keep the organization flat, hiring only experts so that assistants weren't getting steam rolled. I wanted an agency that truly put people first where if someone needed to go pick up their kids from daycare there was no question. Where everyone logs off at five (which they do!). Where no person is an island (even though we're a distributed agency). Where policy change comes from hearing from the people doing the work rather than executives with no understanding on what people need. Last year this was really put to the test when we had two people go on Maternity/Paternity leave back to back and another employee diagnosed with cancer. We survived with all employees back in full action and financially stronger. I'm incredibly proud of the agency I've helped build and look forward to offering these benefits to more people as we continue to expand.


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September 2nd, 2021

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April 28th, 2021

Eight Tips To Bounce Back After Making A Mistake At Work

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MKG Marketing

We are a digital marketing agency comprised of experts in Digital Advertising, SEO, and Analytics in Technology and Healthcare. Our goal is to drive towards your business outcomes. We only hire people with 5+ years of experience giving you direct line to the people developing the strategy and pulling the levers in execution. We are a people first organization, focused on our employees well being and happiness. This creates less turnover and happy people who produce great work and results. We are also a SCRUM based company which keeps communication between us and the clients transparent, creates clear expectations in terms of deadlines, and allows us to remove roadblocks quicker to deliver our work more efficiently and thoughtfully.


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