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Kelly is a location independent entrepreneur and co-founder of Infobrandz. She started Infobrandz with two other co-founders while also running two successful companies in the Ohio area. She's passionate about helping people build profitable businesses with the help of strong visual communication and marketing and that includes writing articles or creating visuals in the blockchain, business growth, design, marketing, and social media niches.

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When implementing automation, the journey can be riddled with challenges. But with the right approach, these challenges can be transformed into opportunities.

Want A Company Mission Statement That Lasts? 11 Key Questions To Ask

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Your company mission is the North Star of your business, guiding each and every decision you make. Writing one, therefore, isn’t just about creating a clever slogan or summarizing your goals; it’s about getting to the heart of your business and laying out the true driving force behind your company and all those who work within it. And while you may have an idea of the main “why” behind your business, writing a clear, well-thought-out mission statement may require some deeper reflection. To help, 11 members of Young Entrepreneur Council offer a few questions you can ask yourself to spark a more detailed, thorough or meaningful statement for your company mission that will stand the test of time.


The emergence of decentralized finance (DeFi) has ushered in an exciting wave of financial innovation.

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Getting started in any role can be intimidating, but this can be even more true for those new to marketing. In an industry that’s fast-paced and ever-changing, it’s essential to both keep up with the latest trends as well as understand the tried-and-true basics of the trade.  With extensive experience marketing their own businesses, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council have their own thoughts about how to succeed in marketing. Here, they each share one rule or guiding principle they believe all new marketers should follow right off the bat and how doing so will affect their success in their role.

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In their search for the best talent, many companies revolve their recruiting and hiring process around their ideal hire, often creating job descriptions with strict qualification requirements or interviews that change from candidate to candidate. While often done with the best of intentions, companies may unintentionally be biasing themselves against candidates who may not thrive in this kind of hiring process but who are otherwise well-suited to the role. To prevent this kind of unconscious bias, leaders can take certain steps that will help make the hiring process more equitable. To help, nine members of Young Entrepreneur Council sound off on the best practices for ensuring an equitable recruiting and hiring process for all and why it is so important to create.

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When it comes to hiring someone for their team, nearly every employer likely already has an image of their ideal candidate in mind. Whether it’s someone who isn’t afraid to push the envelope or someone who is reliable, trustworthy and gets their work done on time, the “ideal” hire can vary from employer to employer, sometimes making it difficult for potential candidates to know what qualities they should emphasize in their application. To provide a little bit of guidance, business leaders from Young Entrepreneur Council list 11 words they’d use to describe their ideal employees and explain what it is about those specific characteristics that makes someone such a great hire.

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Infobrandz is an Infographic Designing company specifically engineered for service companies, Bloggers, Small Business & Nonprofits. Infobrandz operates around the idea that great visual content, spread through the right online mediums, grab the eyeballs and create awareness. Infobrandz partners with professionals ( bloggers & experts ) to produce interesting content to increase brand awareness for both the parties.



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