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Kelley Weaver, CEO of Melrose PR, is a leading crypto and blockchain public relations and content marketing agency based in Los Angeles, California, and she is the host of the popular podcast Crypto Token Talk. Kelley is a die-hard blockchain and cryptocurrency believer. Just three years ago, she dove head-first into the world of blockchain technology and hasn’t looked back. She is deeply passionate about communicating how decentralized technology will change the world. Melrose PR is a public relations & creative marketing agency focused on technological and storytelling innovation for the blockchain technology and crypto (digital asset) industries. Blockchain tech is still young, and its messaging requires nurturing as it glows increasing bright in the public spotlight. Melrose PR feels a responsibility to take leadership, silence the skeptics, and ensure that the message is strong and clear – blockchain is the future of technology, business, and the world. We work with enterprise-level solution providers as well as blockchain startups, helping them craft cohesive messaging and generating awareness through top-tier media placements. Kelley routinely writes thought leadership pieces about blockchain for Forbes and other outlets. She is the host of Crypto Token Talk, a podcast for those looking to enter the new frontier of blockchain technology and learn “Crypto 101” from leading industry experts, launching in January 2018. It serves as an entertaining on-ramp and newbie-friendly gateway to learning resources related to the world of cryptocurrency. Kelley got a deal on "Shark Tank" with her past company, Purecase, which she then led to a successful exit.


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September 19th, 2022

How Web3 Companies Can Use The Bear Market To Build Mindshare

Right now, Web3 leaders have a unique opportunity to create something truly revolutionary—not just market share, but mindshare. 

September 24th, 2021

10 Entrepreneurs Share Their Top Writing Tips For Aspiring Thought Leaders

Getting your voice out there is an important part of becoming a successful thought leader. However, it can be difficult to know the right way to convey your perspectives on different topics without a strong writing foundation.

August 6th, 2021

Eight Tips To Stop Working 24/7 And Achieve A Healthier, More Balanced Life

It’s a common tenet of American culture that with a little hard work and determination, you can make your greatest dreams come true. While being a hard worker is an admirable trait, it can quickly turn into a negative one if your everyday life is consumed by work.

August 2nd, 2021

10 Tips To Make Weekly Meetings Useful For Your Whole Team

Weekly standups and regular reports are great ways for leaders to check in with their teams. These are times to briefly share updates and ask about any concerns or questions the team may have before the day or week begins.


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WE ARE THE NEW GENERATION OF PR We are young, and hungry to use media in all its changing shapes and forms to tell your important story. Melrose PR’s identity is built on the pioneering principles of our clients, who are never afraid to tear apart the script and dive into the unknown. This is the same attitude we throw into our everyday as we work to transform your brand in ways you had always dreamed of, and others you had never even thought of. Melrose PR is a public relations and creative marketing agency located in the heart of Silicon Beach, CA. As millennials working in new media, we sit at the intersection of traditional PR channels and emerging engagement platforms, providing integrated marketing communication solutions for blockchain technology brands. In short, we get the right people talking about you. We create targeted public relations strategies based on your goals and generate a powerful industry presence through A-list media placements, content creation and sharing, promotional events, brand image management and social media. It is this innovative multi-channel approach that allows Melrose PR to help companies, from small startups to established brands, break into the global media arena and drive their bottom line. We hustle on your behalf. Our clients look to us for results, and we deliver. You have the ideas. We get the world ready for them.


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