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I have a proven track record of helping business owners transform their marketing and effectively turbocharging their growth. If you're looking to drive demand for your products or services and generate more sales with a measurable ROI, I'm the person to talk to. In the last 10 years I have bootstrapped companies in various industries, ranging from e-commerce stores to media sites with hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors, I have practical experience in all areas of digital marketing and a strong focus on delivering measurable results from the get-go.

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Win More Customers by Avoiding These 7 Questions

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While there are a lot of "right" things to say during a sales conversation, there are also some “wrong” things that could turn a potential customer away. Sales calls can be high-pressure situations for a sales rep, as it can be difficult to hit all the right notes and say the right things to convert a prospect into a paying customer. But just as important as knowing what to say is knowing what not to say. For instance, immediate questions about budget and when to follow up might be perceived as pushy and turn a potential customer off from working with you. To help sales teams avoid this fate and instead win their prospects over, a group of successful entrepreneurs explain which questions to avoid during a sales conversation and why.

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When a potential employer reads your resume, they often have a checklist of items they’re looking for. They may want to see that you have the right certifications or degree, that you have a certain number of years of experience under your belt or they may be looking for a particular set of skills. But even if you qualify on paper, the employer may still have a few lingering questions they’ll need answered before they can decide to move forward with your application. Below, nine business leaders from Young Entrepreneur Council list a few of those questions and explain why your resume should always address them. Consider their advice to ensure your resume has the best chance of impressing your potential new boss.

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If you're building a product for your new business, you'll first need a solid prototype. This will help you better visualize your concept and start getting necessary feedback from customers or peers. But if you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, you may not yet have the budget for multiple iterations or complex software or tools to build your prototype, so finding a way to save money will be key. Every entrepreneur starts somewhere, and the members of Young Entrepreneur Council are familiar with working within the constraints of a small budget. Below, they offer up a few of their best tips for creating a prototype on a limited budget and why they’ll help you get started.

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When you're feeling anxious about a presentation, a looming deadline or even a decision you made, relaxation is likely the last thing on your mind. However, the business world is full of stressful situations, and if you want to navigate it successfully, you’ll need to pick up a positive habit or two that can help you cope when things get tough. Anxiety doesn’t have to overwhelm you, and with the following eight tips, you’ll be better equipped to deal with it when it happens. From acknowledging your anxiety to leveraging silence, here are a few tricks you can use to get back in a healthier mindset, as recommended by the members of Young Entrepreneur Council.

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Above House

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Above House is an educational platform for experts in their respective fields. We currently work with hundreds of different specialists to help consumers solve everyday problems with ease and make more educated buying decisions.


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Content Marketing
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