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Julian Hamood is the Founder of Trusted Tech Team, a Microsoft Solutions Partner and industry-leading software provider located in Irvine, CA. Julian is primarily focused on authenticity, customer service, and bringing transparency to the industry - the 3 pillars of TTT. By recruiting exceptional staff and helping people navigate the industry, Julian hopes that he and TTT can make software easier to manage and more profitable to leverage.

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No matter how focused your business is on customer satisfaction, the occasional complaint is inevitable. Whether they occur in person at a physical store or through online channels, these complaints present a unique opportunity to turn the situation around and deliver a positive experience. By actively listening to the customer's concerns, businesses can demonstrate empathy, foster trust and find effective solutions that resolve the issue at hand and encourage that person to keep coming back. To that end, Young Entrepreneur Council members share a few key actions you can take to address negative feedback and create a positive outcome for the customer—and ultimately, your business.

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Getting started in any role can be intimidating, but this can be even more true for those new to marketing. In an industry that’s fast-paced and ever-changing, it’s essential to both keep up with the latest trends as well as understand the tried-and-true basics of the trade.  With extensive experience marketing their own businesses, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council have their own thoughts about how to succeed in marketing. Here, they each share one rule or guiding principle they believe all new marketers should follow right off the bat and how doing so will affect their success in their role.

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The hiring process can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor, so it benefits any company to be able to find a quality candidate sooner rather than later. But hiring quickly means you may be sacrificing many of the steps or processes necessary to find the right match for the role, such as proper vetting and interviewing.  However, by adhering to the following 10 tips recommended by the members of Young Entrepreneur Council, you can weed out the wrong candidates and find the right fit quickly, efficiently and without sacrificing the quality of your hiring process.

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The rise of artificial intelligence is revolutionizing various industries, including content writing for businesses. However, the use of AI tools to generate content has sparked a heated debate in recent times. Advocates argue these tools offer numerous benefits, such as increased efficiency, improved productivity and cost savings. On the other hand, critics express concerns about the potential drawbacks, including the loss of human creativity, ethical issues and the risk of bias. Below, 14 Young Entrepreneur Council members contribute to the ongoing discussion surrounding AI content writing for businesses, examining both the positive aspects and the challenges associated with using these tools. By learning and weighing the pros and cons, businesses can make informed decisions about integrating AI into their content creation processes.

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Employee turnover can be a costly issue for any organization, and it often stems from a lack of adequate training, resources or support for new employees. When new hires feel unsupported or ill-equipped to handle their responsibilities, they may quickly become disengaged and seek employment elsewhere. To prevent this situation, leaders must take steps to ensure their new employees receive the training, resources and support they need to succeed in their roles. Here, a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council members shared some strategies that leaders can implement to improve the onboarding process and set new hires up for success.

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It can be argued that any company that collects and handles customer data has the responsibility of leveraging strong methods to protect it, but a similar point can also be made about the company’s responsibility to educate consumers about malware and cyberattacks. Safe customers are happy customers, and helping to ensure your customers follow cybersecurity best practices can help keep them that way. There’s no one way of going about this task, however. Below, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss eight effective methods for educating consumers about cybersecurity and why these methods are so beneficial for your customers and your company.

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As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, Trusted Tech Team provides competitive software pricing, authentic licensing, Platinum 365 Support, and US-based/UK-based customer service. Our experts focus on providing you the best service and with various resources to help you navigate the cloud and stay up-to-date on industry news. We know how complex software licensing can be - we make it easy!


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