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The founder of Sparks Law, Jonathan Sparks is rocker-lawyer for thousands of business owners across the United States. Applying his knowledge as an entrepreneur, himself, Sparks has authored multiple articles for Forbes and Small Business Trends magazines. He is also a contributing author for ‘Business Success Secrets: Entrepreneurial Thinking That Works’, a USA Today, Amazon, and Wall Street Journal best-selling book. Jonathan Sparks is a jack of all trades, with a successful legal and business coaching career. He's the host of ‘Success, Decisions, & Rock N’ Roll’, a motivational, self-help podcast about improving your life and becoming “the best version of yourself.” The show dissects obstacles we face when aiming for success, and secret tips and tricks to breaking through our own constraints. Versatile as ever, Jonathan is also a Singer Songwriter, producing rock-infused tracks with a touch of blues, Sparks has launched his solo career after performing in bands Lucid Rain (2004) and Poésis (2007). Having performed around the country opening for Tom Petty and Santana’s original band, Sparks is already selling out venues in Atlanta, including the city’s famous jazz club The Velvet Note and Smith's Olde Bar. Working with Peter Barker, who served as chief engineer at Sony Studios in the ‘90s and who more recently produced music for artists including Fall Out Boy, Jeff Beck, and Guns N Roses, Sparks has been releasing a new single every month in 2022.


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August 2nd, 2022

Looking To Make One-On-One Meetings More Productive? Nine Questions To Ask Your Employees

One-on-one meetings can be powerful opportunities for employees and managers to connect on goals, reassess tasks and brainstorm ideas, but they can also turn into wasted time if not leveraged properly. If there’s no agenda to follow or neither party is sure what to discuss, the meeting may end early and without any real progress made.

July 21st, 2022

Want to Retain More Employees? 8 Tips for Becoming a Better Manager

If bad managers are a top reason why people quit their jobs, you should strive to be a leader who makes people want to stay.

July 19th, 2022

Want A Successful Side Hustle? Try One Of These Trending Business Ideas

Taking up a side hustle has become increasingly popular and easier to achieve in the modern digital age. While there are countless side hustles people can take advantage of, there may be a few opportunities that are more lucrative than others.

July 11th, 2022

Drifting Away From Your Original Business Mission? Nine Steps You Should Take Next

A company's mission serves as the foundation for everything it does. While the specific goals of the business may change over time, your original mission, vision and values should remain intact until you and your team consciously decide to change them.


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Sparks Law can handle the needs of the smallest start-up to the industry giant, and believe us, we know that legal solutions are no longer a luxury. Whether it is that one incident that requires intense legal representation or simple issues that arise naturally in the day-to-day business context, companies need a law firm that is on their side. We are business owners just like you and understand the opportunities and challenges of building something lasting and important. We cannot commit to open-ended invoicing from our service providers either. We measure our resources and employ them in a way that creates value for our clients first and our company second. Sound familiar? We treat you the way we want to be treated.


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