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John Hall is the Co-Founder and President of Calendar, a leading scheduling app that he’s convinced will change how we manage and invest our time. He authored the best-selling book “Top of Mind,” published by McGraw-Hill. John was a recipient of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Best Emerging Company and was recognized as one of the Business Journals’ Top 100 Visionaries. He is consistently mentioned in major publications as a top influencer, leader, and speaker. John writes weekly columns for Forbes and Inc. and has contributed to more than 50 online publications, including Inc., Harvard Business Review, Fortune, Fast Company, and Mashable.


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May 15th, 2023

Building Trust With New Employees: 10 Essential Steps For Managers

When it comes to building a healthy working relationship with your employees, trust is essential. However, building trust takes time, and for new employees, it can be even more challenging. As a manager, you want to establish trust with your new hires as quickly as possible to set the stage for a positive and productive working relationship.

April 5th, 2023

How Businesses Of Any Size Can Protect Themselves From Cyberattacks

When it comes to business cybersecurity, there's no such thing as "too small a target." If your company uses poor cybersecurity practices, leaving sensitive customer or company data at risk, hackers can exploit those vulnerabilities to accomplish their goals—no matter how big or small your company is.

March 9th, 2023

Nine Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read In Order To Become A Better Leader

There are countless successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the world today, each with a wealth of information and experience to share. Thankfully, many of them have written books that detail their most powerful thoughts, ideas and lessons. The difficult part comes in choosing which ones to read.

March 7th, 2023

Seven Ways To Authentically Connect While Building An Expert Reputation

Building a personal brand as an industry expert is no doubt one of the best ways to draw attention to your business. But it’s not just about having new ideas—when trying to build your reputation as a thought leader and expert in your field, connecting with others should be high on your priority list. After all, sharing your thoughts and experience is nothing without an engaged audience to listen to it. So how do you balance connection and creating interesting content at the same time? 



Calendar harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to give smart suggestions for when, where, and how your meetings can take place. There's no single calendar agent that offers all the features busy professionals need today, including automated meeting transcriptions, analytics, smart scheduling, and many others that can both optimize and simplify people’s lives. is recreating the calendar experience for the modern day person, business, and brand.


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