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Joel Mathew is an entrepreneur with a background in media and technology. He spent several years in Chicago media working for both the television and radio industries, before founding his own digital focused agency, Fortress Consulting. Fortress Consulting is a digital marketing agency, headquartered in Chicago, that bridges the gap between creative and technology. Fortress clients range from new startups to billion dollar global corporations including All State, Nike, Acura and more. In addition to his expertise in advertising and technology, Joel is also a partner in several ventures in a variety of verticals including legal, fitness, cybersecurity, publishing and more. Joel graduated from Northern Illinois University and holds a certificate from Harvard Business School. He frequently lectures to organizations and universities on various topics including entrepreneurship and digital marketing.


February 26th, 2021

Your Personal Blog Can Get You a Job — If You Include These 11 Things

February 8th, 2021

The Worst Business Advice We’ve Ever Heard

Business advice can come from anywhere, even from those who have never owned a business. But if you’re a new entrepreneur just starting out, you tend to soak up all the information that you can. The most significant problem is there’s no simply way to tell the lousy advice from the good advice. Sometimes experience is the only way to figure out the difference.

February 2nd, 2021

12 Rules to Better Manage Client Expectations Early On

When a client signs on with your business, they have certain expectations about what your performance will be. The best way to end up with a happy client, however, is to manage these expectations early on. If you don't, and a client feels as though they should have gotten more from your business but didn't, their testimony could severely damage your future business and your reputation. To ensure you don’t end up in this situation, 12 experts from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) share their insights on the following question:

January 27th, 2021

Eight Gadgets These Business Leaders Can’t Live Without

Every day, new devices pop onto the scene promising change and innovation. For an entrepreneur who's focused on the expansion of their organization, staying up to date with the latest technology that can support personal and business growth is essential. Whether it’s in a simple or a major way, some of these technologies carry with them the power to change how we do business altogether.


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Fortress Consulting Group uniquely combines the creative strengths of a full service advertising agency with the technological savvy of a cutting edge digital media firm to create engaging brand experiences. As our interaction with technology evolves and our digital media consumption grows, brands need to have a compelling digital presence that captures the attention and hearts of consumers. Our digital strategies provide businesses with a significant competitive advantage in reaching their goals. Digital isn't all we do. At Fortress, we strengthen your brand's identity not only in the digital space but consistently across multiple platforms and anywhere you can potentially interact with your target market. We stand apart from the crowd because we can take your digital strategy one step further by developing and integrating full and comprehensive marketing plans that incorporate television, radio, local customized promotions, and much more. We don't take shortcuts. We do business the right way. Our clients aren't just clients, they are a part of our Fortress family and we do what it takes to help them achieve their goals.


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