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Founder & Owner of Joe’s Datacenter, LLC.Joe oversees and deals with day to day business needs as well as overseeing quality of products, sales and future planning.

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12 Tips to Effectively Differentiate Your Social Media Content Across Platforms

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Having more than one social media account for your brand may mean reaching more people, but it doesn't mean businesses can simply post the same content to each platform. If you want to grow your audience, it's important to differentiate your content across accounts while still ensuring everything feels cohesive and consistent. To help you do this, 12 members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) weigh in on the following question:

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A CEO's email inbox can quickly become unruly if not properly managed. While being constantly bombarded with emails from various recipients making different asks of them, many CEOs may find they get overwhelmed by their inbox, leading to lower productivity and missed communication in the long run. And unfortunately, they don’t always have much time to deal with a mess of emails. While you can’t always slow down the number of emails coming in, there are tools and strategies that can help get your inbox organized. Below, nine Young Entrepreneur Council members shared their favorite email inbox hacks to help you get a better handle on your work and priorities.


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Members of Young Entrepreneur Council offer ways professionals can leverage social media when job hunting. Social media plays a big part in all our lives, including our work. Many employers have been known to research potential hires online before committing to a hiring decision, and so what candidates post to their social media profiles can either have a positive or negative impact on their prospects. But candidates can also take control of their job search by using social media to their advantage. To explain, a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council members discuss 12 ways professionals can leverage social media to find the right job for them.


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Members of Young Entrepreneur Council share the innovative apps and software that help them better manage their work. When it comes to getting work done, a myriad of tools are out there, all designed to save you time and effort. But with so many options on the market to choose from, with many having the same features and benefits, you may feel overwhelmed when trying to select the right one for you and your team. To help narrow down your choices, a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council members each shared their favorite software or app for managing their daily, weekly or monthly tasks and why they simply can’t live without them.

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In a world filled with uncertainties, businesses want to be able to rely on customer loyalty. Many businesses know they wouldn’t be successful without their customers, but they may not be sure how to best thank them for their loyalty. To retain customers, it’s important to find effective ways to thank them for their business. That's why 10 Young Entrepreneur Council members shared their favorite unique ways to thank loyal members of your brand community. Follow their recommendations and make your customer's day.

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Joe's Datacenter, LLC

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Joe’s Datacenter, LLC has been providing affordable datacenter services since 2008. We own and operate our own facility which is located at 1325 Tracy Ave in downtown Kansas City, MO. From the ground up, we custom designed our datacenter with a small business focus.


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