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Jennifer A Barnes

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Optima Office, Inc

San Diego Area

Jennifer is the CEO & Founder of Optima Office, Inc, her second successful venture. She was able to grow her first company to over $6 million in revenue and 90 employees in just 6 years. Her second company, Optima Office already has 85 employees and is expected to have revenues of $9.5 million in their 4th year, 2022. Jennifer has a degree from the University of Arizona with a BA in Finance, Accounting and Marketing. She has an MBA from SDSU and completed the Becker CPA Courses. Career wise, Jennifer spent a dozen years as a consultant in the role as Controller or Director of Accounting for numerous companies and non-profits throughout San Diego. She was named in the top 40 under 40 business leaders in San Diego in 2018, was named 2017 Young Entrepreneur by San Diego's Chamber of Commerce, the most Influential Leader in 2016 by the Connected Women of Influence, 2021's CEO Business Woman of the year by SDBJ, has won best place to work for 7 years in a row between her two companies and recently made the list of the 500 most influential people in San Diego. In 2022, Optima will be in the top fastest growing companies in San DIego and will make the esteemed Inc 5000 fastest growing companies in 2023. Jennifer is a tenacious, kind and authentic business executive. Work life balance is very important to her, so she is adamant about her team having a flexible, friendly, and awesome place to work. Jennifer is married, has 7 nieces and nephews, loves spending time with friends & family and enjoys running on the beach and snowboarding.


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